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“There Is in This World No Function More Important Than That of Being Charming.”

1346726316_a91f3a31b9_m“There is in this world no function more important than that of being charming. The forest glade would be incomplete without the humming-bird. To shed joy around, to radiate happiness, to cast light upon dark days, to be the golden thread of our destiny, and the very spirit of grace and harmony, is not this to render a service?”

— Victor Hugo, Toilers of the Sea

A thoughtful reader sent me this quotation. It reminds me of one of my favorite lines, from G. K. Chesterton, which I quote several times in The Happiness Project“It is easy to be heavy: hard to be light.”

Though I must say, it seems to be slightly overstating the case to say that there’s no function more important than being charming. I think I can think of a couple of functions that are more important.

Agree, disagree?

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Good Will Treaty for World Peace

This website made me grin for days.  They don’t want our money. They don’t want our email addresses. They just want our participation.

Consider these wonderful words from Good Will Treaty for World Peace founder Bryant McGill on their home page:

"I was shocked to discover, that never before in the history of diplomacy and politics on Earth, had a document been brought before all nations to be signed, that simply stated we unequivocally desire world peace. I am not suggesting a document that has any specific actions or concessions, but just a simple statement of intention. This seemed to me like a catastrophic failure toward the goal of greater peace. Declaring our intentions for greater goodwill and peace IS the obvious first step toward attaining those goals. Every journey begins with the first step."

"We may not be able to change the world overnight, and I have no fantasies of creating a utopia, but trust with me, through faith in possibility, that we can make some difference, and no matter how slight that difference is, it will be a resounding triumph for humanity! We are now taking that document before the kings and common citizens of the world, where we will open our hearts and implore their deepest consideration, and they will be changed. What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail? I would raise awareness and champion the reality that greater goodwill and peace is not only possible, but impossible to stop, for as Victor Hugo wrote, ‘There is one thing stronger than all the armies in the world, and that is an idea whose time has come.’ The time has come. We can, will and ARE creating a ripple, that will traverse the globe, carrying with it a message of hope through oneness. Every life is precious. Let us subdue the ravages of our baser-self, and aspire to the higher calling of exalting joy through compassion, for that is the one true purpose of humanity. Join us now, and become that great calling." (The emphases are mine.)

Not only do we get to sign the treaty automatically online, but they ask us to print it and sign it and return those “real” signatures to them as proof of our intentions. Here are the words of the treaty.

By joining the global signatories of this symbolic treaty, I solemnly vow to enlist my best intentions and efforts in the promotion of goodwill, compassion and respect between all people, creeds and nations.

I openly welcome all healthy opportunities to develop greater love, understanding and empathy for my human family around the world. The boundaries and borders of all divisions can be bridged by those who demand that all human beings have hearts, hopes and frailties worthy of our efforts to dignify.

I recognize that achieving the dream of a kinder world is more possible because of my unique contributions. World peace IS possible, and we must share this small world in greater safety and harmony. By simply stating our desire we sow the seeds of great change. I AM that change. I am the dream. I am the difference. I am the future. Let this treaty be a starting point for a new era of understanding.

This is my oath of intent to offer an open hand to all who would reach for it in goodwill desiring peace.

We can all get behind this, can’t we? Go to http://www.goodwilltreaty.org/signing/ to get started, and join the over 45,000 of us who have dared to take that first step and declare our intention for world peace.

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