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Big stuff going on at the mo~

Lots going on this week, in one fashion or another.  My youngest daughter is going into the hospital tonight at midnight, to have her labor induced.  Now, to be quite frank she’s not completely due yet, but as doctors will they want this scheduled on their terms, no surprises.  We know it’s a little girl, and this will be granddaughter number 2…the other 4 are little testosterone bundles, lol.

I’m excited, and if anyone knew Lacie the way I do and how much change she’s incorporated into her life, well it’s nothing short of miraculous.  I’m just praying that the changes she’s made are the reasons imprinted on her soul~that they aren’t temporary.  She now has a good husband, her children are just blooming, and I support her in every way I can…without bringing up the past out of fear.  We talk about it, but there is no blame, and she knows that.  She knows there is pain, scarring, and some longterm damage…but sometimes you get that, and you just have to keep moving forward.  That’s what she and I have done~and she now understands that anything I did where the kids were concerned before, was not against her, but for them

So, I’m tired, awaiting the birth of my 6th grandchild, and am terribly afraid I’m coming down with something.  I’m willing myself with everything in my soul to remain healthy.

Just riding it out, lol.

Losing the weight is not losing the wait

How easy is it to lose something? Very. In an instant, you can lose your job, your money, your house, your pet, your loved one. We can even instantly lose ourselves. And this, we know. Conversely, the emotional act of accepting these losses takes time. And this we accept. But the one thing you cannot lose instantly is the one aspect of yourself which took time to manifest.

Your weight.

Try as you might, the act of instant weight loss, the likes of which are the results you desperately seek, cannot happen in an instant. It is physically impossible. Yet, people continue to make millions on dubious instant weight loss gimmicks ranging from pills, to potions, to products you plug in. All useless, and many to your peril. Why?

The wait.

Stop for a moment and consider this; say you are 10 pounds overweight or 20 or how about 30 or even 60 or now, how about 100 pounds overweight? Did you just see what happened? Go back and re-read that sentence. The first number was 10. It was not 100. This is how it starts. And just as it starts in increments, with time cushioning the growth, this is how it will change, with time cushioning the loss.

The physical act of changing one’s body cannot occur instantly. It is a process of evolution that only time and an intention followed by action (outside or inside or both) can bring about a change. And something as daunting as changing one’s physical appearance through weight loss will take time.

How much time you are willing to GIVE YOURSELF is A CHOICE. Either you want it so badly, you are willing to MAKE the TIME to HELP the change happen for YOU or instead, you choose to spend time believing something outside of yourself can bring about the change you seek for yourself.

Expect to wait to lose the weight.

Starting today, assign a practical timeline for your weight loss. Two to three months to see any change. This little step will lead to a tremendous leap in your motivation. Don’t believe me? Click here. It’s a story about how long it took me. The pictures are real.  

Trying to Fllow


I am trying to find my footing and go with the flow.  I am very much in love with a man who came to me 2 1/2 years ago.  He’s been spending  most of the work week by me, then flies home for the end of the week and weekend.  Initially, he told me he was separated, but in a very short while I found he still lives with his wife and children when he’s there.  Having been in a bad marriage, I understand keeping things going for the children.  I also learned through my experience that you do your children no favors by living in a loveless relationship as they are modeling their future relationships on what they see at home.  
This man is a good guy, racked with guilt and the weight of the world.  His wife does not work, their marriage has been a lie for many, many years and he stays with her for the teenage children.  He will not go to counseling with her as he does not in his heart want to fix it..  The level of connection this man and I feel is very deep to the point it feels like a spiritual relationship that is "meant to be".   His Catholic upbringing fills him with guilt and confusion and thoughts of death being the only way out for him. 
I’ve been kind and patient, but I want more from a committed relationship.  I feel stagnated, since he’s now living full time 400 miles away.  We communicate all day via email, etc.  The bond is always there.  I try to focus on my own spiritual growth and he is attracted by my positive outlook.  I vacillate between thinking he is the one, it is meant to be and to be patient.  The other thought process is  – what the heck am I doing? 
  How do I break out of this cycle?   I know I can’t control him, but I am not interested in meeting other people either.  I am so lonely and stuck.  I am trying to meditate.  I ask for road signs to guide my actions, and I am not getting anything.   My desire to be with him is overwhelming.  How is this affecting my Karma? Any advice would be helpful.
From what you have said in your letter, it doesn’t sound likely that the man you love is going to join you anytime soon.  More to the point, he is not with you right now, and it is the present moment that you need to live in. Start living your life the way you want to with your current single status. It’s one thing to know you love him, it’s another thing to hope he leaves his marriage and family so he can move and live with you. The former is your feelings and life, the latter is his business and his life.
I suggest you take you investigate and honor your feelings and find out what this love is inspiring you to be. In other words, when you envision yourself as a partner for your love, what qualities and characteristics do you aspire towards?  Do you want to be a wiser, more compassionate person? Do you see yourself as a masterful healer, herbalist or cook? Do you want to be seen as a source of beauty, delight  and comfort to your partner? Think to yourself what it is that you want to develop in yourself, and then use the power of this love you have for him to bring all these qualities forth in yourself. 
This way you are not stagnating, and are working to actualize those potentialities in you that are important to you regardless of whom you are with or not. And you are honoring the importance of this powerful love that you are feeling.


A Balancing Act: Why is Waiting So Hard?

I applied to an internship over a month ago and have not heard back from anybody about the job since the application deadline.

I am very close to having a small breakdown.

The job that I applied to encompasses everything that I want to explore this summer. It will give me an opportunity to live in NY for the summer as well as work with some of the most relevant and important people in the theatrical community today. 

But I haven’t heard from anybody about the status of my application.

I have contacted the people I need to contact almost every week now and each time, I get a half-assed (excuse my language) reply indicating that ‘they’re working on it’. I am overwhelmed with anger, disappointment, fear, anxiety, and frustration about the situation because I am slowly approaching the end of my school year and I still have no summer job.

Most of my overwhelming emotions and off-balanced state can be attributed to my ego. Everyone around me, in attempts to comfort me and cheer me on, kept telling me not to worry because I will get the job. Inside, I am always restless and uncomfortable when someone says that to me because there is no way to guarantee that I will get the job. At the same time, their assurance and my ego’s desire to believe them has led to a less than active search on my side for a plan B, and now I am left with an inflated ego, off-centered inner chaos, and still no job.  

I am a strong believer that everything will work itself out in due time. But being a strong believer doesn’t necessarily mean that I’m perfect in my thinking, and while I still believe that everything will happen the way it is meant to happen, the waiting is slowly eating away at me. Why is waiting so hard? I don’t think it has to be, and I don’t think it should be, but it’s still aggravating! oy…

In the mean time, I suppose what I can do is contact the people that need to be contacted, meditate, write, and work out to bring my mind to peace, and start being an active participant in my present. Right?



The Waiting Game


I am 32 and single. I have great things in my life – career, family, friends, house, car, dog. The problem is I find myself "waiting" for the next phase which, for me, feels like getting married and starting a family. I feel constant pressure and like time is ticking away which is making it hard for me to fully be happy and enjoy life. Any advice on how to get past this and just be happy in this moment?

Sherri’s Answer:

It may sound odd but as much as individuals seek happiness, the proposition of it can be daunting. It’s that very psychology that causes people to place self-imposed roadblocks when life is great. "If only I (was married, could lose weight, make more money, etc)," is a conditional safety clause in that it keeps us free of risk and the unknown. Ultimately, these false expectations are impediments to our own happiness.

With so many great things in your life, it would be a shame for you to fall into this pattern of behavior. So rather than play "the waiting game," do the things you like to do — the ones that terrify, thrill and excite you, now that you have the freedom to do them.

And when it comes to marriage, remember that everyone’s timing is different. If marriage is your goal, don’t forget that all those thing you do for yourself are an important part of who you are, and will take you one step closer to the person with whom you are meant to be matched.

So keep smiling and stop waiting!

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