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The Whale Song: Ancient Healing for Primal Pain


Sometimes your pain is primal.

Like a a spectrum of dark light that wants to fall on every aspect your being. Wordless turmoil churning inside you, threatening to explode into your life if you can’t contain it, or don’t escape it, or if you fail at keeping it far, far away. At times like this there’s a need for healing. But who can heal a darkness like this?

Who can reach into a darkness so intense that it is winning in those moments – holding you in a space impenetrable to light? In ancient wisdom traditions, for this there is whale song.

Not all saviors of the human condition come in human form. A darkness as primal and as ancient as ours can be met only with a force equally as primal and ancient. For this, there is whale song.


They are communicators. Their song is a song of healing. It will dissolve darkness with its perfect frequencies of ancient knowing. You will cry. You will feel a gentle light washing over you. You will feel a restoration happening in your cells.

Gradually, you will feel saved. They are our ancient safe keepers. They are our primal guardians. They come to heal us. They sing for us to remember. For us to rest. For our love to be restored.

They hold the light in the most ancient of dark places. They will release you back to the light.

* * *


1. Modern researchers have successfully recorded whale song the world over.

The whale song is constant. We sometimes record song samples twenty four hours a day. The song rarely ceases. Do the whales create this soundscape to give solace to the newborn in the hours of darkness? In the dark of night, in the deep ocean, only the stars and the song bring hope for the dawn.The Ocean Project

2. Click here to play a recording of whale song shared by Sacred Swims & Communication with Humpback Whales on Soundcloud.

3. Try playing whalesong when anxiety surfaces in you. Have a hot shower or bath. Put on relaxing clothes. Light a candle. And lay still. Let the whale song play. Let it wash over you. If you can, let it play as you fall asleep overnight.

Repeat at least 3-4 times a week.


Photo credit: Facebook

Originally published on my website, The Modern Girl’s Guide to Spirituality

Sarah Palin Belongs on Fox Not Discovery


Palin’s disrespect for the environment has damaged Alaska’s wildlife and endangered Alaska’s natural heritage. Ironically in March 2010 Discovery Communications announced that Palin was to host her own TV show on the beauty of Alaska." Palins position on the populist conservative media outlet Fox is entirely consistent with her right wing persona, but not with a nature show on Discovery. To continue reading go to THE GREEN MARKET.

“Save the Whales” is back

I’ve been involved in wildlife conservation since I was a kid growing up in Florida where dolphin, manatee and loggerhead sea turtle sightings were common. Somehow even at a young age, I knew wildlife needed protecting and it was our job to do it since most of the time it was our actions that created the threat.  One animal that has clearly suffered at the hands of humans are whales and the action that threatens them, whaling. To this day, Japan, Iceland and Norway are still killing whales often hunting threatened species such as minke, humpbacks and grays. It’s an incredibly controversial and complex issue for so many reasons but most governments have agreed to support the protection of whales.

As a spiritual creature (also a threatened species!) I believe in a collective consciousness and it feels like there is a revived interest in whales and the slogan "Save the Whales." I’ve noticed new tv shows, blogs and books all focusing on this issue. They are all approaching the story from different angles but they are telling the story and that is all that matters.

Check out the links below if you’d like to help save the whales:


The Humane Society of the United States “Save Whales—Not Whaling” Campaign


Greenpeace “Making Waves”


“Save the Whales Please”  is an action adventure/political drama full of facts about the history and politics of whaling that makes learning about whale conservation entertaining.


“Whale Wars”
Animal Planet’s series following Paul Watson’s Sea Shepherd Conservation Society as they seek to end Japanese whaling.



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