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Mr/Dr Chopra is nobody special. Neither am I. Neither are you…

I noticed a post here and some comments related to that post decrying the lack of interaction between Intent community members and Mr/Dr Chopra. I’d like to add my point of view.

Mr/Dr. Chopra is nobody special. This is very important to understand. The fact that he charges so much for his retreats/workshops whatever is unfortunate for those who can’t afford them, but really, in many cases, the people who have the money to go to those things are likely the people most in need of them. His prices are also a natural economic response to demand. It’s basic economic and business theory that one way to control demand is to raise prices. That is likley why his events cost so much. As for his lack of interaction here, there is common wisdom among those familiar with famous people that at a certain point in one’s rise to fame, it is simply impossible to communicate with all the people who want to communicate with you. Imagine what your life would be like if you were that famous. It looks glamorous from the outside, but it is not a glamorous life in the least. Poor Mr Chopra probably can’t even take a poop without and aid for goodness sakes!

Finally, and this is most important: there is NOTHING Mr. Chopra knows that you do not know. Craving for Mr.Chopra’s attention is an attachment. It is an affliction and it is seeking your salvation outside of yourself. There is nothing outside of you! Everything you experience outside yourself is a reflection of what is in you. So when you pine for Mr. Chopra’s attention, what are you saying about your own attention and its value?

Don’t be a cultish follower. I’m sure Mr. Chopra does not condone people begging for his grace or his attention or a reply to an email as though he’s the pope or something. He’s just a human being (as is the pope). Seeing him as anything else is plain worship and there is no one anywhere deserving of that, not me, not you and certainly not Deepak Chopra.

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