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A Woman’s Guide to Building Muscle


Creatine is a substance known to help build muscle mass and increase performance. Even though there are a growing number of women pursuing bodybuilding, it’s predominantly used by men. A survey in 2007 revealed that only one percent of female athletes use creatine to help them achieve their goals. This is primarily because they see creatine as something that will bulk them up and make them larger, and our society teaches us women should be small. However, what they don’t consider is that it also keeps them weak. By implementing the use of creatine for women, they can build strength and look better than they ever imagined. Continue reading

Women in Pictures: The Scary Truth about Women in Today’s Media

women“Today is National Women’s Day!” That’s how MeLissa greeted me this morning. “Hooray!!” was my first thought but as the idea began to process I wondered, what does that even mean? We should do something to celebrate, of course, but how? Intent has always included messages of feminism and sisterhood on the blog and via intents, but a lot of places don’t.

MeLissa and I recently attended a workshop for women with an interest in directing and we learned some startling statistics about the representation of women in media. The following facts come from the Geena Davis Institute  on Gender in Media which conducts various studies on the position of women in film and media.

  • Males outnumber females 3 to 1 in family films. In contrast, females comprise just over 50% of the population in the United States. Even more staggering is the fact that this ratio, as seen in family films, is the same as it was in 1946.
  • Crowd scenes in film and television are 17% female on average, despite women representing 51% of the world population.
  • Females are almost four times as likely as males to be shown in sexy attire. Further, females are nearly twice as likely as males to be shown with a diminutive waistline. Generally unrealistic figures are more likely to be seen on females than males.
  • Females are also underrepresented behind the camera. Across 1,565 content creators, only 7% of directors, 13% of writers, and 20% of producers are female. This translates to 4.8 males working behind-the-scenes to every one female.
  • From 2006 to 2009, not one female character was depicted in G-rated family films in the field of medical science, as a business leader, in law, or politics. In these films, 80.5% of all working characters are male and 19.5% are female, which is a contrast to real world statistics, where women comprise 50% of the workforce.

No wonder women need a day to be celebrated. Part of the reason feminism is still a thing is because of statistics like this. When the images our children and the general public are confronted with are women in secondary roles or as sexual objects it becomes ingrained for women to aspire to these positions and for society to treat them as such. To start seeing a change we have to start portraying the change. It’s as simple as screenwriters adding “must be half-female” into their scripts when writing a crowd scene. Last year the number one selling movie worldwide was The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, and it was the first time in more than 40 years that a movie with a female lead topped the annual box office.

Luckily, there are many women leading the fight to change the way media portrays (or fails to portray) women in film and television. Last weekend Cate Blanchett won the Academy Award for her portrayal of a depressed woman trying to stay afloat in her own life in Blue Jasmine. When accepting the award she said this, “To the few in this industry that are still clinging to the idea that films with women at the center are niche – they are not. People want to see them and they make money. The world is round, people.” Case in point: Blue Jasmine, Bridesmaids, The Heat. When Lupita Nyong’o gave her speech for her Best Supporting Actress award she also said, “When I look down at this golden statue, may it remind me and every child that your dreams are valid!” On the surface it is such an inspiring statement, but what it really depicts is the sad truth that there are many children whose dreams are diminished by mainstream media’s backward policies on gender, race and sexuality.

Emma Thompson has also announced that she’ll be spending 2014 making a documentary about women in film because she’s disgusted with the way things currently are.

While it’s inspiring to know there are so many professional women fighting to make a difference in women’s opportunities both on screen and behind the lens – these numbers are scary. Not only to myself and MeLissa who are aspiring screenwriters but to the world in general. Do I want my future daughters to watch cartoons where all the girl characters are still sex objects? I want to be able to name pop culture examples of women that have been in charge because of a combination of their intellect, compassion and beauty rather than how great she looks in a pencil skirt. I want my daughter to inherit a media landscape where Kathryn Bigelow isn’t the only woman to ever win an Academy Award for directing.

The numbers are changing, so we’re being told, but it isn’t happening soon enough – especially if some of them haven’t changed since the 40s. Today is National Women’s Day but every day should be cause for us to stand up and support each other and create a more viable place for women in media and film. Our stories deserve to be told, to be validated as much as our male counterparts. We have to keep up the good fight so can stop differentiating between “men” and “women” stories and instead train ourselves and the world to see them all as what they really are – human stories.

Woman: Embracing Womanhood

When one woman honors who she is, all women collectively move closer to becoming what they are capable of being.

There are many ways and myriad reasons for women to honor and embrace all that they are. And when any individual woman chooses to do so, all women collectively move closer to becoming what they are truly capable of being. By honoring her experience and being willing to share it with others—both male and female—she teaches as she learns. When she can trust herself and her inner voice, she teaches those around her to trust her as well. Clasping hands with family members and friends, coworkers and strangers in a shared walk through the journey of life, she allows all to see the self-respect she possesses and accepts their respect, too, that is offered through look, word, and deed.

When a woman can look back into her past, doing so without regret and instead seeing only lessons that brought her to her current strength and wisdom, she embraces the fullness of her experience. She helps those around her to build upon the past as she does. And when she chooses to create her desires, she places her power in the present and moves forward with life into the future.

Seeing her own divinity, a woman learns to recognize the divinity in all women. She then can see her body as a temple, appreciating its feminine form and function, regardless of what age or stage of life she finds herself. She can enjoy all that it brings to her experience and appreciate other women and their experiences as well. Rather than seeing other women as competition, she can look around her to see the cycle of life reflected in the beauty of her sisters, reminding her of her own radiance should she ever forget. She can then celebrate all the many aspects that make her a being worthy of praise, dancing to express the physical, speaking proudly to express her intellect, sharing her emotions, and leading the way with her spiritual guidance. Embracing her womanhood, she reveals the facets that allow her to shine with the beauty and strength of a diamond to illuminate her world.

PHOTO (cc): Flickr / amanky


Take time for you and remember how to live an inspired and balanced.

"Women have the power to cultivate change in community."

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Embrace LIFE, discover your PASSION, create BALANCE

Join author and global visionary Suzanne Toro…

Join Suzanne Toro for an interactive workshop unveiling the tools to create balance in your busy life. Learn how to embrace living, maintain a healthy lifestyle and carve out time for all the things you love to do. Suzanne’s candid stories and blissful approach to teaching will connect you with your Bare Naked Bliss.

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Eschewing Leather for Eco-Materials

Cri de Coeur—“cry from the heart” for those of you Francophobes—is all vegan, all the time.
We got a lot of flak for featuring non-vegan shoes on the site last month. And though we still entertain the argument that the environmental scale may tip in favor of wearing veggie-tanned, heavy-metal free leather (arguably a byproduct of the meat industry), over the petroleum-based materials favored by many low-priced, leather-free shoe lines, the absolutely oil-free Cri de Coeur makes us want to wear all vegan, all the time.

Because although the line eschews skins in favor of eco- and animal-friendly materials, it’s as haut as any leather line on the block—chrome free or not. Founded in 2007 by Gina Ferraraccio, Cri de Coeur—which means “cry from the heart” for those of you Francophobes—is out to change the face of footwear, one vegan shoe at a time.

Those London Sole demi-flats you’ve been lusting after? CdC does them in luxurious faux suede for $100 less. Going Grecian this year? Check out the Abigail sandal—t-strapped with a hot-pink ‘80s twist. Like your heels high? You’ll love the suede open-toes with the three-inch stacked heel.

But to transition us to fall—especially with (organic cotton, of course) tights—our vote this month goes to the Helena ($295), two-tone, cutout ankle bootie in midnight blue and black suede. Or maybe it goes to the Alexa ($260), an open-toed boot with cut-out sides, crafted in canvas with faux black patent accents.

It’s like going on a date with George Clooney and getting hit on by Robert Pattinson. Who could choose?

Luckily, you don’t have to decide, as we’re—surprise!—giving away one pair of Helena and one of Alexa this month. Enter to win, and you could take home a pair of one (thus justifying the purchase of the other).

Then your cry from the heart would be one of joy.

Eco-sensitive Workout Tips

Got abs? NIKE Elite Athlete and spokesperson for Nintendo’s Wii Fit Ashley Borden is a Los Angeles based fitness expert who works with clients like Mandy Moore, Natasha Bedingfield and Ryan Gosling (yum).


But Ashley’s not just interested in helping her clients get ridiculously fit, she’s also helping them to reduce their carbon footprints through something she’s calling an “eco-sensitive workout.” Sensitive? Workout? Forget the eco (well, not really) and sign us up!

Borden’s tips to greener fitness include:

Train at home or outside with fitness gear like the GoFit Gravity Bar that builds strength and core stability using your own body weight rather than plug-in machines. To keep from getting bored—and tossing gear in the landfill—recycle your exercise equipment by trading with friends.

Stock up on stainless-steel, reusable water bottles like those from Lifeline. This may seem obvious, but if you go to the gym three times a week you’ll save 144 bottles in a year!

Haul gear in a bag made from recycled materials like the “Koren” rice bucket bag from EcoBags, which is Fair Trade made in Cambodia from reclaimed and washed rice bags from Vietnam.

Train yourself to ride, not drive, and bike to the gym one day a week—then increase the days from there. One mile in a car can equal up to one pound of carbon released into the atmosphere—one mile biked could mean a pound lost for you!

Go organic with your fitness gear like Organic Cotton Serenity Tights or Capris from Patagonia. With an adjustable waist that rolls up or down, Borden says these are perfect for hitting the mat, preferably a phthalate- and latex-free one like the thick, grippy, Reversible Yoga Mat from Gaiam.

Finally, post-workout sweat stains and stinky feet are so passé. Cover up with a chic dress like the “Rita” bamboo dress from Sworn Virgins and Kigo‘s new Star shoes (made from recycled milk jugs, they fold up to fit in the pocket of your gym bag), and you’re good to go.

To lunch.




For a long time, Danny Seo sang the Kermit song. Although it seemed easy for him to be green, the rest of the world didn’t really know what the heck he was talking about. But foresight pays off, and today Danny is the Living Green contributing editor for Better Homes and Gardens and an environmental lifestyle contributor to CBS “The Early Show.” They’re selling Danny Seo mattresses at JC Penney and he just launched his own beauty and bath line, Whole Earth Beauty.

Oh, and he was voted one of People’s “50 Most Beautiful People in the World.” Nice!

So we were thrilled when he agreed to give us some insider tips to an eco-friendly backyard barbeque. Because with Danny around, it really is easy being green.

“We love to eat outside in the summertime, but nothing makes guests run for cover faster than a swarm of mosquitoes,” Danny says. But rather than automatically reaching for the (hopefully non-toxic) bug spray, he recommends planting marigolds, rosemary and catnip around your garden—mosquitoes hate them. And make sure to empty any sources of standing water, where mosquitoes can breed, Danny says. Dump a birdbath, throw in some ice and bottled drinks and you just upped your chic factor by about a thousand percent.

Danny’s partial to an old-fashioned charcoal grill (we like the carbon-neutral Green Hearts Briquettes featured on our home page) and to start it, he recommends lighting a few branches of rosemary wrapped in newspaper rather than using a regular match. “The newspaper starts the fire, but the rosemary continues to burn while you grill, infusing your meal with a little extra flavor.”

We love Danny’s novel take on traditional grilled corn and s’mores: Take small twigs from surrounding trees, sharpen the ends with a pencil-sharpener, and use to create corn handles and marshmallow sticks, which you can warm over the grill and serve with organic, fair trade chocolate.

Finally, for clean up, Danny’s weapons of choice are non-toxic, eco-friendly cleaners from Method Home, and he scored us a 20% off discount through September 30th with “ecostiletto” at check out. Thanks, Danny!

Life of a woman


 I came across this while reading the review of a book and thought it was quite an interesting concept.

“Every woman by her nature excludes every other woman; for every woman is required to do everything the whole sex is required to do.” By his line of reasoning, each woman embodies a “right” way to live; and every woman, by her mere existence, threatens every other woman’s conviction that her own way is the best way. 
Can’t help but  see the truth in this, since I have seen so many strong, opinionated and different women in my family itself. But its mind boggling to think that every woman is born thinking that her very existence should be exemplary in itself! What a responsiblity!  But maybe that is what makes women so unique and unpredictable.
But I always thought that women always looked to their own kind for support and strength. A woman always keeps her female relationships in her inner circle , reaching out to them in times of stress, grief ,loneliness, trauma, joy, happiness and fear. Because in them she sees the echo of her own emotions, which unites and form the whole- that shell and shelter of warmth  that keeps her calm and stable in the turmoil of everyday life and relationships.
 And this is what bonds women- that shared responsibility of nurturing and preserving mankind. That which is passed on from mother to daughter through generations. Yes we do end up thinking that my way is the best. But at the end of the day we look in the mirror and think "I sound more and more like my mother everyday"!!!


Gorgeous Boots Made from Recycled Tire Soles: See It to Believe It


 Got boots? You might think about another pair, when you see the picture-perfect boots with recycled tire soles from Green Bees that we’re giving away this month. No, they’re not vegan, but these leathers are processed traditionally, without heavy metals or formaldehyde, then treated with natural oils so that they develop a natural patina that changes in appearance over time.

Designed in California by the daughters of a family-run company that has manufactured shoes for decades, these boots are fair-trade hand-made in Mexico from locally sourced materials, such as the recycled tire soles. Green Bees discovered that the rubber from one tire can be used in four pairs of soles, which becomes more important this fall when the company will introduce both men’s and kids’ shoes. “We want a family of four to be able to wear Green Bees and know they’ve taken one tire out of the landfill,” explained co-founder Irene Clancy.

Said soles probably won’t make a dent in the one billion tires that we throw away annually to sit in a landfill leaching chemicals into our soil and groundwater for thousands of years, but it’s a start. Plus, for every Green Bees purchase, Trees for the Future will plant a tree.

But back to the boots. The delicately embroidered Thencha is a new take on an old classic fusing together the classic styling of an equestrian boot with the rugged comfort of a cowboy boot; the Erma features the same shape, without the embroidery. In oh-so-perfect colors like coal, honey and rustic, they feature a low heel, traditional styling and an extra-wide shaft for that perfect, worn-in look to transition you from beach-day barbeques to leafy picnics in the park.

The ever-so-generous Green Bees team will give us two pairs to give to you. Your choice: At $270 (Erma) or $298 (Thencha) a pair, that’s nearly $600 in boots! Go on, get some!

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