Take A Breather


We’re halfway through holiday season and everything seems to be moving lightning fast. Is it possible to keep up? We’re going to suggest that maybe, in the midst of madness, we find a way to slow down. Slow down to remember where you are, what you’re doing and what matter. Slow down to re-evaluate. Slow down to appreciate. If no one invites you to take a breather, it doesn’t mean you can’t make it mandatory for yourself.

Our intent of the day is to take a breather.

You too? Here are three resources to help:


  • This meditation from Chandresh Bhardwaj for when your brain needs a break.

    Don’t let anxiety and stress transform you into someone you don’t recognize. Take a moment to rest and recover. Chandresh Bhardwaj, author of Break the Norms, shares this meditation for dealing with the thoughts that are overwhelming you.


  • This reminder from Anne Lamott about the importance of unplugging.
    Even your iPad can’t run non-stop. Why would you think you could?
    Reset. Slow down. Take a break. Take a breather.
    You’re not a machine, and thank goodness you aren’t.