Take The Mask Off After Halloween ~ Learn how to live an unguarded life!

This article was originally written for the on-line magazine http://www.YourBellaLife.com by contributor Natalie Berthold.


 Editors Note: As the years pass I find it very interesting how much more guarded I am with every incident in my life.  I really try not to be, but somehow this “mask” has been created and placed over me without even wanting that to happen.  This article is a beautiful reminder to let go of the masks, guards, and ways of hiding out true selves and step in to our greatness.  See how you have been masking who you are and after Halloween allow yourself to take the mask off! ~Nitika~

At the end of this week, the playful Halloween is upon us.  This day is loved by many, as the allure of this autumn holiday is the ability and, more importantly, the expectancy, that one is able to change their identity…even if just for a night.  After all, it’s fun to change it up a little, playing through your fantasies of being a super hero or a celebrity.  On this day, we dress up as things we would never (at least most of us) want to be in real life, such as monsters, aliens, maids, and clowns.  Though the occasional mask and costume is fun and acceptable, but what about those of us who are wearing a mask year-round, or always desiring to be someone else?  What if we are always disguising the truth? This rejection of the self can lead to long-term chronic illness such as fibromyalgia, fibroid tumors, or other disease such as cancer.  There is nothing worse than self-rejection and the masking of the truth, for your body and soul’s health so read carefully and see how you can lift the mask in your life.

Lately, I have been noticing an increasing number of women who have been coming to me with second chakra issues such as fibroids and tumors or endometriosis.  Most female issues, including period cramps and PMS, come from some sort of rejection of the female self–body, sexuality, creativity, curves, being treated as a gender “second best”, situations of rape or other sexual violation or control.  Often times, even though those thoughts are detrimental to the women’s worth and self-esteem, it is not entirely the self-rejection that does her in, it is the veneer as well. All of my clients with this disorder come from a family that wears masks.  In wearing a “mask”, I am talking about families who regularly say things like, “What will the neighbors think?” and who also seem to rationalize, if I can’t see it/him/the situation, it doesn’t exist.  This type of behavior, denial, concealment, cover-up, and disguisement is very harmful for the self, and family systems alike and can lead to serious conditions.  Lack of self-acceptance, mixed with having nobody to talk through those (and other) feelings can cause fibroids and tumors in the uterus, along with other dis-ease.