Teaching You How to Embed Music into PowerPoint Presentation



Most of my net-friends asked me how to add music to PowerPoint presentation; this is a common question I got, Adding music to a PowerPoint presentation is a very simple process, requiring only a couple of steps to complete. Music will not only give your presentations more appeal but grab the attention of the audience as well.

You need no software but PowerPoint, Using Microsoft Office PowerPoint, you can insert your own music into a PowerPoint slideshow. Following is the step by step instruction on inserting music into PowerPoint.


After you are all ready to go with PowerPoint, go ahead and launch it from the start menu or by double click the PowerPoint icon on your desktop. If you are starting a new project, type a title in for your presentation. If you want to add music to an existing presentation, open it by clicking the office button than open.


Sound or music files can be saved on your computer in many formats that can be used in PowerPoint 2007, such as MP3 or WAV files. You can add these types of sound files onto any slide in your presentation. However, only WAV type sound files can be embedded into your presentation. What’s more, . Have you ever imagined that you can also upload PowerPoint to YouTube for widely sharing? Well, the best  PPT to Video program will help you to get it done with ease!


To have the best success with playing music or sound files in your presentations, always keep your sound files in the same folder in which you save your PowerPoint 2007 presentation.

Tutorial on How to embed music into PowerPoint


look at the picture above, You can see a few options from the drop down: Sound from file, Sound from Clip Organizer, Play CD Audio track, and Record Sound.

If you already have an audio file that you want to insert into your presentation, then choose Sound from File. PowerPoint supports number audio file formats including AIF, AU, MID, RMI, MP3, WAV, and WMA.

Change Sound File Options

You may wish to change some of the sound options for a sound file that you have already inserted into your PowerPoint 2007 presentation.

1. Click on the sound file icon on the slide.

2. The ribbon should change to the contextual menu for sound. If the ribbon does not change, click on the Sound Tools link above the ribbon.


Tips: you can also burn PowerPoint to DVD, here is the guide on how to make DVD from PowerPoint with PPT to DVD converter.

Play Sound has several options: Automatically, When Clicked, and Play Across Slides. By default, automatically is selected and will play when the slideshow starts and will end once you move to the next slide. When Clicked will only play it once you press the mouse button. Play Across Slides will allow the sound to continue to play to the next slide if it has not finished rather than cutting it off. There should now be a small speaker icon located somewhere on your current slide. Double click on the speaker icon, and your music should start playing. If you selected the option to play the sound automatically, you can test to see if your music is working by previewing the slide show.