Thanksgiving: Make it Happen Everyday

Happy Thanksgiving

LA doesn’t get rain too often and when it does, I make sure to enjoy the fragrance and all that it brings. This week when it was raining, I was enjoying looking at the trees and rain all blending together joyfully. I was wondering what would they say if I could ask the rain or trees how they feel about giving all these beautiful gifts to us. Right away, their reply popped into my mind, “We just give it because we want to. There’s no other way we know. Giving is fun. It is our nature. Maybe that’s why we are called ‘nature’. ” This is the only reply I would expect! Every night when I watch the moon and sun playing hide and seek, I feel it’s the most beautiful love story ever. The sun hides itself everyday so that the moon can shine.

This is me, trying to find meanings in all the natural phenomenon happening around us. Every time I decode the meaning, I come across only one force functioning behind every being in the universe: gratitude. The power of gratitude is way more miraculous than we can imagine. Gratitude is our nature. When we are not grateful, we are not in sync with our original self. If we experience blessings everyday, then why limit Thanksgiving to just once a year? Why don’t we take out one minute of every day to express gratitude? It will attract the best possible circumstances for our growth on all levels.

We love to complain about $4 gas but happily enjoy our $8 coffee. Both are the fuels which we cannot live without. But how about not complaining for either and instead being grateful that you have enough money to enjoy both everyday in every way?

Our prayers consist of asking the Almighty for all kinds of improvements in our personal and professional life. How about making your prayer just a statement of gratitude? Let your prayer be the most honest statement of thankfulness. No agendas. No expectations. Just counting the blessings!

Last but not the least, let this Thanksgiving be the first Thanksgiving which will not end with a get together with family and friends. Let this Thanksgiving continue forever. We make sure to take a shower everyday and check our emails, social media and so on without any interruptions. Then, why interrupt the ritual of saying thanks?

Here’s my five honest statements of gratitude. I hope you share yours!

1. I am thankful for having Intent as my blog space which allows me to reach to all of you.
2. I am thankful for my friends and family for accepting me the way I am. The unconditional love is the fuel I run on.
3. I am thankful to everyone for accepting my vision of ‘Break The Norms Movement’ and spreading it globally.
4. I am thankful for my spiritual journey. I would have been lost in some unknown land without it.
5. I am thankful to God / universe / higher energies for giving me immense strength to walk my talk without surrendering to the rat race.

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