The 8 Most Amazing 3-D Tattoos You Will Ever See

Warning: Some images in this post may be NSFW


What happens when you blend body art and optical illusions together?

Tattooing has been around for thousands of years, but with the growth of the body modification industry the practice has gotten much more sophisticated. Until recently, tattoos were nearly always two 2-dimensional, appearing as flat images with no depth in the visual design. But over the past several years, some tattoo artists have become specialists in “3D” or “3-dimensional” tattoos, which have an added dimension that gives the illusion that the image is above the skin or within the body.

The 3D effect usually comes from the artist’s use of shading and color, which can create a sense of depth to the tattoo similar to what you’d see in 3-D animations or paintings. But some tattoo artists are actually creating raised tattoos by injecting hyaluronic acid under the skin. This new method physically raises various parts of the skin where the tattoo is already painted by approximately two millimeters. Outside of safety concerns, the drawback of the hyaluronic acid method is that the acid itself depletes over time, leaving you with a regular tattoo after six months to a year. The depletion time can vary among individuals based on the way their body metabolizes hyaluronic acid, but that doesn’t seem to stop people from trying it.

And it’s not just about creating amazing artwork. One Baltimore-based tattoo artist has made a name for himself inking 3D nipples onto the chests of breast cancer survivors. These reconstructive/cosmetic tattoos are shockingly realistic and offer hope to women seeking a sense of normality after having had a mastectomy.

Below are several examples of some of the most amazing 3D tattoos we could find:









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