Hurricane Sandy: The Battle Between Love and Fear

In every good action movie you see, there is always a battle between Love and Love and Fear and Darkness. There is a constant battle to get rid of the fear and let love conquer. This is also true in life, not just in the movies. Everyday we fight fear, whether its fear of being homeless, a fear of failing, or, more recently, the very real fear of Hurricane Sandy.

Hurricane Sandy is posing fear in the United States right now. People all around are worried and scared, especially those being affected by it. As humans, we should of course allow ourselves to feel those emotions, but what we can’t do is let those emotions turn into pure paranoia. Thoughts are energy, and by only putting negative and fear driven thoughts out into the world will achieve nothing. I am sure that you are not purposefully putting negative thoughts out there, the last thing any of us want to do is make things worse, but subconsciously that is happening. What we need to do is this: Turn our Love Lights on.

You are probably wondering what I mean when I say “turn our Love Lights on.” This is what I mean: Going back to the movie example I used at the beginning of this post, everything has a light and dark side. The light is love-based action and the dark is fear-based action. We have a choice in what we allow to motivate our actions.  When natural disasters, crimes, or anything else bad happens, it is natural for us to default to fear-based actions. What we need to do instead is move into our love based actions. By moving into our love based actions we are turning our Love Light on.

Hurricane Sandy is a perfect opportunity for all of us to turn our Love Lights on. The next time you catch yourself being in fear of it, send out love to the storm and all those being affected by it. That way, you are not putting negative thoughts out into the world, you are simply taking care of your fellow human beings by sending them good positive thoughts. Here are some ideas for how you can act in love based actions:

  • Meditate on love for all effected by the hurricane
  • Raise money or start a fundraiser for those effected
  • Call a friend that is near it and tell them you love them
  • Call a family member and express love and gratitude
  • Journal about everything you are thankful for
  • BE IN GRATITUDE that you are alive

Let’s come together and send out some good energy… Breathe in Love… Breathe out Love… and turn your Love Lights on to shine throughout the dark!