The Cutest, Sweetest Twitter Marriage Proposal You’ll Ever See

Beth Adelson, press secretary for Senator Mark Warner of Virginia, makes it her job to watch her boss’s Twitter feed closer than anyone else. Her boyfriend of five years, Brett Wannaker, knows that and decided to use the opportunity to craft one of the cutest, most unique marriage proposals we’ve ever seen (in 140 characters or less, anyway).

On Thursday, Brett Wanamaker tweeted to Warner, asking for a favor.


The Senator replied:


Here we go…


It didn’t take long for Beth to notice:


Apparently Brett didn’t even have a Twitter account until Thursday, when he created one just so he could propose. So when Beth noticed the tweet from his new account, she wasn’t sure what to think. She stepped out the door of her office to see what was going on, only to find her boyfriend kneeling on one knee with a ring and flowers.

The Senator tweeted the next moment:



Congratulations to the happy couple!


Thanks to BuzzFeed for sharing.