The Difference Between Intuition and Fear

With intuition, or natural knowing, something goes on inside of us that’s transformational. You may experience it as a realization or a revelation. If you enjoy it and you appreciate it, then that’s an intuitive kind of an experience.

John Morton, D.S.S.

My experience of who we are spiritually is it’s constantly uplifting, clarifying, and illuminating. So as we spiritualize ourselves, something brighter, clearer, and more truthful comes to our awareness. The greater presence of who we are has intuition or natural knowing. So we can come upon that awareness that can’t be fully explained by our personal experience but we know intuitively.

Sometimes I’ll be asked, “How do you know that? Did you witness that?”

I’ll respond, “Well, no, not really. I just know it.”

“Well, how do you know the Spirit’s speaking to you?”

“Because I get happy. And things that seem burdensome, they leave. They vanish. And I’m in a good mood again!”

Although I don’t worship moods, they are an effect of what’s going on when we’re touching into ourselves spiritually. As we tune in to our inner knower, we can be flooded in the emotions and in the mind with awareness. We can also be affected by things of a lesser or lower nature that come out of fear, illusion or negativity. That’s where choice comes in. Where do you want to apply yourself? Where do you want to focus? What’s your intent?

With intuition and fear, one is like a premonition and the other is just a fantasy. With fear or fantasy, you’re making it up. However, you can use fear to your advantage by turning it into determination. You can turn fear into a reference point that’s useful and uplifting. Even if you’re afraid, you can still make correct decisions so you don’t allow the fear to restrict and block your life.

I use fear as inspiration, to move me along at perhaps a higher rate than how I would have moved myself if I didn’t have the fear. And that higher rate is good for you in case you were restricting yourself or slowing yourself down unnecessarily instead of keeping up with what your life is bringing to you. To discern if something is coming from fear or your intuition you can ask yourself, “Why am I letting something slow me down unnecessarily from what’s good for me, from what I know inside, especially if it’s not even real?”

Consider that you don’t have to give into the fear. Fear is not a healthy leader. It’s not a guiding force to use in your life. Use something on the order of determination or courage. Courage is the perfect antidote to fear. Courage is that energy of the heart, the knowing in the heart that will go ahead no matter what.

What if you move forward and you’re shaking and quaking and sweating profusely? Ask yourself, “Do I have to do this?” And if the answer from your inner knowing is “Yes,” then you can’t let the fear stop you. Actually, you can, but it’s not the wisest choice to allow whatever is bothering you to stop you. Instead, move forward from your inner knowing as if you didn’t have the fear because who you are is far greater than any fear.

John-Roger stated:

“Experiment with your intuitive knowing, and check its accuracy. It may involve a process of watching and of trial and error. As you feel better about yourself and are less concerned about what other people think about you, you can become more aware of your own sense of self. You can then tune in to that self anytime you want. The true self is the knower you are looking for. Just relax and gain confidence in yourself.”

(from Fulfilling Your Spiritual Promise, page 991).
John Morton, D.S.S., is the author of the The Blessings Already Are and You Are the Blessings: Meditations and Reflections on Life, God and Us.  Learn more about John’s works at  Contact John at

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