3 Ways to Achieve the Greatness Glow

The beautiful smile

By Jay Forte

I have a friend who is a speaker and teacher. Her work is her life. She can move between two large events on the same day and approach each with great energy, positivity, and passion. She finds time for everyone who stops to speak to her after her programs. She radiates energy, passion, and happiness. She has what I call the Greatness Glow.

When people are connected to their greatness – they know their talents, strengths and passions and live them each day – they glow. They don’t fight with life; they allow life to be as it is, seeing possibilities and opportunities. They have an intrinsic level of happiness and joy as they approach life because they have changed their view from “can’t” to “can,” from “should” to “want to,” from “must” to “can’t wait to.” This intentionality guides how they make decisions – they choose from their “greatness zone” – from great self-awareness and life awareness.

So how do people get the greatness glow? Here’s how:

  1. They know themselves. They know what they are good at, passionate about and what matters to them. They take the time and make the effort to discover what is amazing about them and what they are most inspired to do or be. They listen more to themselves than to others, because they know that they have more information about themselves than others do. They also know that they own their lives and their happiness.

  2. They know their world. They tune in and know what is happening. They dig into the facts to understand things, not just let sensationalism or pundits provide their information. They know their larger world and their local world; they commit to being an active part in their world and take responsibility to leave it better than they found it. They see their world for what it is an manage their expectations based on what the can and can’t affect.

  3. They connect what is best about them to applications that fit them in their world. They are always searching for opportunities that allow them to bring their best to all they do – they find applications in work and life that fit them – that need what they do best. They live the wisdom in this great quote by Frederick Buechner, “Your vocation in life is where your greatest joy meets the world’s greatest need.” They enjoy life because they have chosen wisely how to show up to it.

As coaches we regularly ask our clients, “how do you choose to show up to ___________ (whatever event – work, relationship, life)? By choosing a greatness approach to showing up – that you reject the “good enough” perspective and choose to bring your absolute best to all you do – you connect to your best abilities. You get to do what you do best for a world that needs it. Decisions are clearer. You approach each day with greater energy, engagement and connection. You glow – it is your greatness glow.

Be on the watch for those who have the greatness glow – those who are loving life because they know themselves, know their world and have connected their best to applications in their world. Life isn’t a struggle; life isn’t a test. It becomes a daily great event. And think how you feel when you are in something great – you glow. Now picture having this more in your life because you make decisions that fit the real you.

What can you do today to create or improve your greatness glow? And how can you inspire others to do the same?