The Magic of Surprise!


Do you like surprises? I do, however in my chaotic whirlwind of a life, it seems harder and harder to achieve. I’ve got things to do, I don’t have time to waste being in awe and joy… I mean I want to, but kids need stuff, pets need stuff, work needs stuff…there is a lot of stuff needed and someone’s got to get it and that’s usually me.

After getting divorced and being thrust into being a single mom and not only the same stuff, but more stuff piling onto my already huge pile of stuff I realized if I didn’t find a way to bring back the joy of surprise, the magic of the mystical and the peace of mind that comes from simply stopping for one moment to breathe, I wasn’t going to make it.

I’m blessed to know a wonderful couple who are experts in the art of bringing surprise, awe and the mystical into your life, William Arntz (What The Bleep Do We Know?!) and his Wife, Poet, Mystic and Guide, Deirdre Hade, together they created a gorgeous book, The (Not so) Little Book of Surprises that currently rests on my coffee table. In it I find beautiful imagery, poetry, a moment to giggle, a moment to reflect and to breath. It sits there every day waiting for me to stop by, open its cover and be surprised. And I am.

And now I’m hooked. I look for surprises everywhere and I find them! I’ve given myself permission to play, to be in awe of the beauty of life. The stuff isn’t going anywhere. It’ll be there when I get back from my visit to the mystical realms and I’ll be ready for it. That quick visit with my soul, my heart makes that pile of stuff much more manageable and me a whole lot more peaceful.

I’ve even found a few fun surprises in my pile of stuff! So, today, be on the look-out for your own moments of awe, your own moments of breath and connection to your heart, your own surprises. You’ll be really glad you did.

Betsy Chasse is an award winning filmmaker (What The Bleep DO We Know, Song of the New Earth) and Best-selling author (Tipping Sacred Cows, It Came Out of My Vagina, Now What?!) to learn more about her visit and if you’d like to know more about The (not so) Little Book of Surprises visit . P.S. It would make an awesome Mother’s day gift!