The One Minute Retreat

::  the secret to having it all is loving it all ::
This winter has been brutal. I have been sick twice, back to back with an asskicking flu that whipped me into oblivion.

Yesterday I went to my Chinese medicine expert in Brooklyn, Sandra Lanshin Chiu…

Sandra told me that everything in nature requires daily cycles of rest.  I was pushing too hard and clearly, I was out of nature’s favor.

Can you relate to that feeling?


According to the man who measures energy, David Hawkins, the highest vibration movie of all time is The Big Blue. It calibrated at 700, which is the level of universal truth.

During its brief run in theaters back in the 80’s, the movie transfixed viewers.

One theater employee recalled,  “Audience members wandered out lost in silence or crying with a joy they couldn’t describe.”

The Big Blue is about Jacque Moyal, who held the record for deep-sea diving (with no oxygen tanks) for many years.

The movie is shot underwater, in slow motion, depicting an elevated state of consciousness.

The deeper Moyal dives, the slower his heartrate must go, until all the blood is concentrated almost entirely in his brain.

He reaches a transcendent meditative state.

In that transcendent, slow state of being, we can speak the language of Nature.

This is the language of the mountains and the skies and the trees and the seas. It is NOT the message relayed via vibrating cell phones and chirping tablets.

It is only in this language of Nature that we get the gifts.

Falling out of favor with nature means you are so stressed or going so fast that you are missing the gifts.

It’d be like Katniss Everdeen in The Hunger Games getting those gifts from sponsors…y’know the ones that arrive on little parachutes.

What if Katniss was so tweaked out that she didn’t take time to retrieve them?

So let’s not make that mistake.

All it takes is 1 minute of your day to stop, to rest, to Listen, to breathe.

Let’s take 1 minute (actually 1:11) to watch this relaxing rainy day scene from my window looking out into the East Village of New York City.

photo by: » Zitona «