The Real Purpose of Your Life

Actress Amy Poehler recently shared a video called The Real Purpose of Your Life. Now, you gotta watch that one, right?

I did, and to my delight, this short little ditty–narrated by philosopher Alan Watts and produced by Book of Mormon and South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone–has a fun but sneakily profound message about the real meaning of happiness.

Watts says that many of us, without even realizing it, buy into this idea:

“Something great is coming! Success is coming!” Just work a little harder and push yourself a little more. You’ll be happy tomorrow when that big thing arrives.

I’ll admit it. I’ve sort of bought into that. There have been times when I believed I needed to keep my eye on the prize and just keep going until tomorrow. I felt I needed to sacrifice my today for a future gain. In limited doses, that’s not totally a bad thing. BUT, and this is the big part for me:

  • Can you focus on your goals for the future without missing today’s joy?
  • Can you chase what’s next and be present to this moment?

I say, yes.

I believe it’s possible to be happy today and pursue tomorrow’s desires. What do you think? I’d love to know.

Thanks for sharing, Amy Poehler.


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