The Time Is Now: 3 Ways to Get Started On Your Next Venture

“It always seems impossible until it’s done.” – Nelson Mandela


the-time-is-nowIt feels overwhelming.

The voice in your head tells you no.

All the reasons why you can’t start now keep streaming through your mind.

And then you take a tiny step forward and you see a window of possibility…and you start to believe that maybe you can!

Perhaps you want to be a comedian so you tell one joke to your friend and then you sign up for open mic night

Perhaps you want to get in shape so you take your first twenty-minute walk and then join a gym

Perhaps you want to start a business so you search for a domain name and then you buy it

Perhaps you want to change jobs so you work on your resume and then send it to a headhunter…


The small steps often feel huge and undoable until you take them. The consistent theme is a sense of uncertainty that you don’t know what will be and that’s scary for all us. SO scary that it’s tempting to accept the status quo and do nothing instead of taking that small step to explore what’s ahead. This feeling happens time and time again as you continue to create.

Here are three ways to help you get started on your next venture:

1. Be Mindful of Your Words: While many people underestimate the power of words, they really do matter. So if you keep telling yourself that it’s a difficult environment to raise money or to start a business, then that’s the energy you are putting out into the world.  Realize that the words you use are directly related to the results you get via the following chain reaction.

Thoughts –> Beliefs –> Mindset –> Action –> Results

So if you want to change any piece of this formula, you need to change one of the variables above.  Change your words. Change your life.

2. Leave The Drama Behind: It’s just a small step so please stop making it anything more than that. Whether it’s making a phone call that you don’t want to or setting the alarm a few minutes earlier, just do it. The Nike slogan isn’t “Just think about it,” but rather “Just do it” for a reason. Drama weighs you down. Small steps take you forward. You cannot have both. You must make a choice!

3. Make A Promise To Yourself To Take At Least A Small Step Each Week: If you do just one small step a week for your business or a specific area of your life, you will have completed 52 small steps by the end of the year. My guess is you will be at a very different place after 52 steps. This is very doable for all of us! Small steps help to build confidence and see the potential for possibilities.

There’s usually not a “best” time to start your new venture or journey. You just need to lean into it and take a small step. With each small step you start to experience a series of wins which help you build confidence and believe in yourself. Your life dreams matter. This is the time to get started and share them with the world.

What can you start today? We’d love to hear!