Chelsea Roff: This Advertising Campaign WIll Take Your Breath Away

Oh, the power of a picture.

This mock advertising campaign, from the Dutch non-profit Cordaid, took my breath away. The image conveys the shocking contrast between Western consumerist culture and the realities faced by people who live in “less fortunate” areas of the world. I suppose most of us already know that many of the products we purchase — items that are often considered necessities —  would simply be considered ludicrous indulgences by the majority of people in the world. But this image conveys something that words simply cannot capture:

Designed by Saatchi & Saatchi, shared at Upworthy. Support the campaign here.


  1. Wow! this not only takes my breath away but makes me want these pictures to be seen all over in hopes of finally reaching more people who can make a difference. Thank you Chelsea for making a difference in what you do.