Three Breaths To Begin the New School Year

Summer is over and the school year finally begins! It is an exciting, but also stressful time, for parents, children, teachers, and those who are getting school organized for the new year. New teachers, renewed friendships, physical and emotional changes, and new routines for everyone.

There is power in taking a pause before jumping into the busy-ness of the new year.

Here is a short breathing exercise – 3 Breaths — to anchor you and your children (or students) during this time of transition. Try it in the morning (if the kids sit down for breakfast) or in the car on the way to school. Or, if you are a teacher, perhaps you can try it with your class. The intentionality that comes with these 3 breaths can be very transformative!

3 Breaths: Body, Mind and Heart

Sit comfortably, paying attention to your posture.

Keep your back straight and look forward, feeling strong in the body.

1st Breath
Put your attention on your stomach and lower back, and notice how you feel sitting.
As you breathe in, set an intention to feel strong in your body.
As you breathe out feel the safety of the earth below you.

2nd Breath
Put your attention inside your head. You can imagine a line going through the space between your eyebrows deep inside your brain.
As you breathe in, feel the air spreading energy into your mind and set the intent to learn, imagine and discover.
As you breathe out, feel the power of your brain to soak in information, feelings and everything that is happening around you.

3rd Breath
Put your attention on your heart and smile.
As you breathe in, set the intention to connect with the people in your world – family, friends, teachers, others at your school, on your teams and in your community.
As you breathe out, feel the power you have to make others feel good.

With these three breaths and intentions, you are now ready to begin the year with strength, inner power, and compassion.

Wishing you, your families, and your classrooms joy, connection and inspiration as you begin the new year!

Love Mallika

I would like to thank all the teachers, librarians, parents and most importantly, the amazing kids, who have shared with me how they have used the tools in Just Breathe. It is such a privilege to be connected to you, and I am so grateful that the book resonated with so many of you. Please continue to tag me on social media!

I am excited to share the first peak into you my next book for kids on feelings, and social and emotional intelligence. Just Feel: How To Be Stronger, Happier, Healthier and More will be released this Fall (2019). You can pre-order it now.

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