Three reasons to rewire your brain with daily meditation!

The Chopra Well is launching a new daily meditator show. Watch with your eyes closed!

Take a seat and relax the muscles in your face. Are you sitting comfortably? Now begin to focus on your breath. Let it roll in and out effortlessly. Peace settles on you like a mantle of warmth and comfort. And you’re starting…to…let…go.

Thank Buddha, The Meditator is here. This new, daily show brought to you by The Chopra Well features different personalities in various (and wonderfully random) settings as they meditate. Meditator and location change every day, so you never know quite what to expect. Whether from bed before the kids wake up or from the office between meetings, here are three reasons to make The Meditator part of your day:

1. You’re ready to relax.

Even just for a few minutes every day. This is not the kind of relaxation where you kick your feet up, grab a beer and turn on The Food Network. (As tempting as that sounds…) This is relaxation that simultaneously strengthens your brain, releases tense muscles and aligns heart, mind and soul in total clarity. The latest brain research from the University of California, Los Angeles, shows that regular meditation literally builds the brain. It creates neurons and strengthens the cortex, allowing you to process information quickly and efficiently. By building neurons and focusing awareness, you can rewire your brain to achieve better sleep, reduce cravings, deal with stress, and (fill in the blank!) Now The Meditator is here, like a running buddy, to help you stay focused and get centered. Give your brain the freedom to exercise infinite possibility.

2. You have time.

Before you throw coffee in my face, hear me out. There are 1,440 minutes in a day. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, an employed adult with children gets on average seven hours of sleep every night. I’ll give you an hour free and say you sleep six. Subtract the minutes from a typical eight-hour workday, and that still leaves 600 minutes in your day to eat, travel from place to place, play with your kids, walk your dog, login to online banking and read the news. My point is not that we have infinite, expendable hours. On the contrary, our time is precious. Consider the reality of your day and the activities that fill it. Only YOU know how you want to experience your priceless moments. A challenge: Next time you’re poised to spend three minutes doing something you don’t really care about, turn on The Meditator, instead. A few minutes of daily meditation will improve the quality of every minute that passes thereafter.

3. Your intents demand commitment.

Meditation is one of those things I wish I did more of, like drinking water and running. Commitment regularly wrestles Convenience, and the latter’s strength usually beats the former’s stamina. Since joining The Chopra Well team, however, and becoming familiar with Mallika Chopra’s website, I have begun to battle the Convenience Demon. The what? That’s right – the little voice who coaxes and seduces us with, “You can start tomorrow” and “Give yourself a break. You work so hard.” Every time we let an intent fall to the wayside, we lose some of the authority to manifest the lives we desire. I’m making it my intent to be present, not to wait for tomorrow to do the things I strive to do today. Confidence and Self-Respect, I’m committing to you, too. Welcome home.

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