Thursday Morning Melody: Hero’s Song

Today’s Thursday Morning Melody is Brendan James’ profoundly moving ‘Hero’s Song.’ For anyone who has had a family member in the military, this song will touch a place near and dear to the heart. Listen closely to the lyrics.

Here I am
In the desert again
A compass and a weapon
A lost American

I started out with a simple plan
And a locket in my hand
But the sun is so unforgiving
And the wind so hard to stand

Fall out, fall out
With the rest of your brothers
With the rest of your sisters
Heroes on the line

Carry out what your leader says
For what his leader says
Is that his leader says
This is right for the people

No one will ever understand why
Thousands of beautiful healthy young statues must fall
Smoke and explosions surround me
A flood of hate, it drowns me
I cannot live this way
No I cannot live with
Doubt and confusion
They find me
They run up right behind me
I cannot die this way
No, I cannot die this way

This post is part of a new series at Intent Blog called Thursday Morning Melody. Every Thursday we feature the music video and lyrics to a song that touches us deeply. If there’s a melody you wish to share with the Intent community, please send it to us at editor [at] (and tell us why).

photo by: The U.S. Army