Thursday Morning Melody: Just a Little Heartbreak

1236481_10200608501559657_666006289_nWe first heard of Micah when he was a student at Northeastern University, performing acoustic ballads and winning hearts in the campus Starbucks venue, AfterHours. Micah started touring around the country post graduation – playing in small venues and at college campuses all around. On Tuesday, Micah released a new EP “Just a Little Heartbreak,” seven songs recorded in Nasvhille about the pain of breaking up (which we can all relate to).

He was awesome enough to share the title track with Intent, which you can listen to below. He sent it with the following note:

An unexpected and rough break-up was the real catalyst for this album. I had been on the road for the good part of 3 years, promoting my last album and had fallen into a bit of a rut, musically speaking. Truth be told, the break-up pushed me to write with a purpose and energized me to pursue making another record. Just a Little Heartbreak was a labor of love that started in late spring. The concept of the album was to “keep it simple”. It’s very much a stripped down record, done intentionally, as I felt that was representative of where my music is at now. The title track sums up the overall feel and tone of the album. It was an absolutely incredible experience to make this album and I’m excited to see where my next step is from here.


You can check out a few of Micah’s other tracks (that are just as heart-achingly beautiful) his Soundcloud page and you can get your hands (and ears!) on the entire “Just a Little Heartbreak” EP on iTunes. If you want to catch Micah live (which we highly recommend! And tell him the ladies of Intent request his rendition of MGMT’s “Electric Feel” because it is magical) he’ll be performing on the following tour dates:

October 11th at Rutgers University
October 15th at University of San Diego
October 16th at Spokane University
October 22nd at Valdosta State University
October 23rd at Georgia State University
October 24th at University of Miami
November 6th at Westminster College (Missouri)
November 13th at University of Redlands
November 14th at CSU – Fullerton
November 20th at Washington and Lee University
November 21st at Ebenezer’s Coffeehouse (Washington DC)
December 12th at Smith College
February 27th at Middle Georgia State College – Macon

Photo credit: Lisa Frare
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