The Top 10 Alternative Items To Put On Your Baby Registry


Truth about baby registries: people are going to get what appeals to them, even if it’s not on your list. Some people just want to buy clothes. Others love practical things. Some have gender-specific gifts in mind for your Baby. But just about everyone wants to get something that you will use. So why not register for things you and your growing family will use for ages?

#1: Diaper Subscription

One of the first, and largest, new parents face is diapers. Setting up a subscription on Amazon and requesting that guests to contribute will ensure you have diapers coming to your door every month when you need them, and will significantly help with savings. Even better, Amazon discounts items on subscription lists.

#2 Newborn Photo Shoot

Everyone wants those early pics of Baby looking adorable, but when you’re a new parent, you’re lacking sleep and you’re taking hundred of pics of baby. Who needs the pro pics?

But if someone (or several people) already paid for the Newborn Photo Shoot, you’ll have those photos for years to come.

#3 Security Camera System

This security camera can be viewed on your phone with an App. Not only can you keep an eye on Baby in her crib, but you can see who’s coming to the door, day or night. When it’s time to go back to work, you’ll see every minute of that Nanny’s time with Junior. This gift isn’t just for Baby, it’s for the whole family.

#4 Essential Oil Starter Kit

Essential oil starter kits are perfect for the whole family. Sleep better, recover from the Baby Blues faster, assist with tummy troubles and the Horrible Threes (way worse than the Terrible Twos). They keep the house smelling nice and can easily promote wellness.

#5 Subscription to a Monthly Kids Clothing Club

Kids grow out of clothes fast, especially in the first two-three years. And as they get older, they are going to constantly want the “new, trendy” things. Get it with a clothing subscription. In general, you’re shipped a selection of clothes and only charged for what you keep.

#6 Coupons for Meals, Babysitting, and Cleaning

This is the gift that costs nothing except time. Local people can make their own coupons about whether they’d like to clean, babysit or bring a meal. )r you can use this handy site to get exactly what you want.

#7 Contributions to a College Savings Fund

College seems like a long way off, but it’s really just around the corner. Ask people to invest $15 or $20 toward college and watch it grow.

#8 Grow Your Library

Instead of a card, ask everyone to bring a book. They can sign it to Baby, so you have precious memories and Baby has dozens of books for you to read to him as he grows. For variety, specify age categories by last name – or first name.

#9 Local Zoo Membership

This 1-year membership can become priceless as Baby grows and begins to truly see and experience the animal world. Great family time or one-on-one parent-time with Baby, this offers a small escape that will be treasured and remembered.

#10 Magazine Subscriptions

Highlights Magazine is probably the best-known magazine for kids ages 0-12. With different magazines for different ages, this is a gift that will grow with Baby.

The best gifts don’t necessarily fit into cute little packages. Some are thoughtful and last years, while others can help you get through the first year. These alternative items for your registry are so much more than cute clothes. They can improve Baby’s safety, wellness and development.