Our Top 10 Intents of the Week

As we wrap up our week, we are excited to share some of our favorite intents from the week. Now, whether you’re using Intent.com from your app or on your desktop, you’ll be able to view these amazing creations from the Intent community.

What is your intent?
Check out our top ten and soul care questions to ponder:

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Do you feel vital?
Do you live in a way that makes a contribution to the world around you?

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Which choices are most likely to slip by unnoticed?
Which choices are the most likely to be a stressor?

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What does your best self look like?
How does your best self operate and exist in the world?
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What motivates you to seek health?
What hurts keep hanging on?

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How have you seen mindfulness benefit you or others around you?
Who are you at your core?

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What are you looking for on the horizon?
Do you believe those things are coming?

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What are you waiting to say yes to?
What yes’s could be hiding in plain sight?

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How do you rest?
What clues remind you that you’re needing self care pronto?

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How does your body communicate?
How would you describe the relationship you have with your body?


What is the scariest part of digging into your feelings?
How do you know a trustworthy person in your life?