The Truth About Back Pain Revealed: The Nervous System

This is the third post in John Amaral’s ongoing series about the relationship between back pain and the quantum story, and how you can use these new ideas to remedy your chronic backache. If you haven’t yet, read his first and second posts in the series.

If you’ve got back pain and you’re looking forward to finding some relief in this blog, you won’t be disappointed. However, the solutions I’ll be providing are based in a new “quantum” paradigm of biology and deserve sufficient context and explanation so you can get the most out of them.

I’ll be setting the foundation for a while (If you’re just tuning in be sure to start from the beginning and read the entire series to get up to speed).
In the last post I introduced the concept of the subtle energy “field”.
If you’ve seen the movie The Matrix you might remember the moment when Keanu Reeves steps into the “code” behind the matrix and becomes empowered with the ability to change the matrix at will (ie. bending over backwards to dodge a bullet).
Scientists now acknowledge that the human body is a sort of matrix, or “biohologram” itself, consisting of standing and moving electromagnetic wave patterns oscillating at different frequencies of the spectrum. Even though it looks and feels solid (like the Matrix) in quantum reality your body is actually energy and vibration appearing solid.
Note: The study of cymatics illustrates this well. It has to do with the creation of elaborate physical structures which are actually standing wave patterns caused by sound (If you haven’t seen this, check out!)
Your brain, through electromagnetic fields and electrochemical circuits, converts this invisible energy and vibration into a virtual projection of reality. 
Everything you experience — see, feel, hear, taste, smell — is really based on how you are interacting with and decoding these frequencies of vibration. (ie. When sound waves hit the tympanic membrane of your ear, the membrane vibrates and your brain decodes the vibration to comprehend the sound).
How you experience the world depends on your own interpretation of these vibrations/frequencies and whether or not you are in resonance with other frequencies!
Guess which system of your body plays the key role in modulating and decoding frequencies of vibration?
Your nervous system! 
The “tone” or oscillation of the physical tissues of your nervous system influences everything from what thoughts you think, what emotions you feel, how your cells regenerate, and…whether or not something hurts!
And what structure houses the most delicate and crucial parts of your central nervous system? 
Your spine!
We’re building the story here. It will all come together.  Much more to come…
Dr. John



  1. John, I have bookmarked this post and will read atleast 10 times to really understand the depth here. Oh I love and enjoy what you have described here.

    Why do we feel pain and irritation when we are hurt or ill and why do we take pain and hurt as bad experience is still a mystery for me.


  2. Glad to hear from you Rajesh! I’m going to describe the physiology and mechanisms of why we often take pain and hurt as “bad” experiences in upcoming posts. The truth is…there is another way, and I hope to inspire others to adopt it!