Turn On Your Love Light


What happens when you turn your light on? No, not the light switch in your bedroom, living room or kitchen, but the light within. Are you aware that you have a light to turn on? Well, you do and it is time to wake up to your luminescent self!

Perhaps the most shared characteristic among all of us walking on the planet is fear. Imagine for a moment, 7 billion human beings walking around, heads down, eyes averting the direct stare of those we encounter, hiding behind our insecurities and past pain points, staying under the radar and just trying to blend. And you may actually believe that you are the only one, the exclusive human being caught up in the fear of being seen. Well, think again, for most people live their lives with their lights dimmed or in so many cases, turned off completely. Why do we live this way?

Fear with it’s ugly tentacles of resentment, anger, jealousy, self-righteousness, greed, vengeance, and pride prevents us from realizing our illuminated and loving selves. On the continuum of life our choices come in two distinct flavors: fear and love. It is said that fear and love cannot live in the same space. This fact is true. So why do we choose fear over love? The answer leads us to the realization that we are simply living our lives unconscious to the reality that we can shift our focus to become awake and conscious to the power we each possess.

Here are the steps to follow in turning on your love light:

  1. You have a choice. Exercise it!
    Do not act as cattle being herded into the field of life by those who we think have the power. Complacency and mediocrity are choices you make every time you relinquish your power to others. Be present and aware. When you are aware of being aware, you step into consciousness. It is from a position of consciousness, that you can exercise your right to choose.

  2. Stop lying to yourself. The pain and hurt of the past does not have to be your present.
    We are all sinners and saints. The question is whether you operate from a point of honesty and integrity or hide behind a false-ego, incessantly chiding and telling you to watch out, be careful, don’t get involved or show your true self. Turning on the light requires waking up and getting real. Life in the present tense is a blank canvas on which you have complete freedom to paint any way you want. Why not do so with color, beauty and love?

  3. Ask for help! Seek the guidance of a skilled therapist and/or life coach.
    This thing we call life is not for the faint of heart. It requires courage and at times, strapping yourself in for quite a ride. To unravel the gnarly knots of fear and pain sometimes requires the skilled expertise of a loving psychologist. We all need therapy, good therapy at that. As a life coach, I work with clients to sort out and develop plans to move from darkness to light in both professional and personal affairs. Don’t forget to ask!

  4. Develop and nurture a spiritual life. Feed the soul and lift the spirit.
    This concept is non-denominational and acutely attuned to caring for your spiritual center, that which is divine and loving at its essence. For a moment, accept that you are never alone, surrounded by angels, ascended masters and multi-dimensional entities supporting and loving you. Try it on and realize that despite your foibles and sins, you are perfect!  Everything you have done up until this moment has been necessary for you to have arrived right here, right now.

  5. Don’t forget your light switch. Turn in on and turn it up!
    Wake up and live fully illuminated. Turn on the light within!

Michael Bianco-Splann is the author of Conscious Leadership: 7 Principles that WILL Change Your Business and Change Your Life, a wake-up call for leaders and organizations ready to gain consciousness. Michael has frontline executive leadership experience from across several industries, with the past sixteen years working within the Financial Services industry. Michael’s ability to accurately assess an organization’s strength of leadership and performance, coupled with his dynamic talent to deliver high-impact leader development training tailored to the needs of the organization provides unique and differentiated value. For more information visit www.illuminateambitions.com.