Understanding The Power Of Self-Sabotage Thinking

Have you ever found yourself wanting something with all your being but yet being afraid to attempt to obtain your desire? Have you ever had an opportunity present itself but you passed because you were afraid that you might not succeed? Almost everyone can answer “yes” to one if not both of these questions, which indicates that self-sabotage is a common issue that everyone has to work through. People in recovery, as I discuss in “The Law of Sobriety” have a bigger battle with self-doubt and self-sabotage that others and need to spend time learning about their negative thoughts and how they are blocking the ability to change.

Self-sabotage occurs out of fear, usually fear of failure. People with addictions have made promises to themselves and others in the past that have not been kept. They have very negative thoughts about their ability to make positive changes and to make the most of opportunities provided by the universe around them. Instead of trying, they allow fear and self-doubt to stop them. This is directly related to allowing negative thoughts and energy to control your life. Making a change and bringing positive energy into your life starts with getting rid of those negative thoughts and doubts and seeing yourself as a success.

To see if you are self-sabotaging your opportunities and the positive energy in your life ask yourself the following:

  1. Why do I think that I cannot succeed in this venture? Is it because of something in the past that is influencing how I see the outcome of this situation?
  2. How would my world look different if I made an attempt and kept a positive perspective on this opportunity in my life?
  3. What is the reason behind my negativity? What am I afraid of if I were to make an attempt and succeed?

Understanding how negativity is shaping your life is important to be able to change your perspective from “can’t” to “can” and start bringing positive perspectives into your life.

PHOTO (cc): Flickr / Toni Blay