Universal or Non-Local Consciousness vs. Local Mind: Part 2

While it may be true that the experience of universal consciousness,
emptiness, or oneness may be indescribable, the holistic science may
provide a verifiable and objective description that can be validated
against the observations of the universe. The merit of such description
is that it is as free as possible from the purely subjective
pronouncements of the self-acclaimed experiencer or observer.

The variety of definitions and understandings of consciousness or
mind phenomena are artifacts of an incomplete understanding of the
wholesome reality of the mass/energy/space/time continuum universe. The
universal consciousness is not the biological consciousness that is the
seat of the ego or mind. The universal consciousness is the blue skies,
while the biological consciousness or mind are the clouds of thoughts
and emotions generated by neurons firings in the brain. The universal
consciousness is beyond mind but mind is not beyond consciousness. The
universal consciousness is pure existence; unconsciousness or lower
levels of consciousness exist within it. Mind is a fragmented or walled
or bounded consciousness.

Attention is not awareness but thought. Meditation does not have a
focal point of attention but dissolution of it. A focal point of
attention is limited in space-time. Universal consciousness gets veiled
by attention or thought like clouds in the sky.

Emptiness is not empty-ness but fullness. It is not nothingness but everythingness.

We are habitually, genetically, culturally, religiously, and
socially programmed to define, analyze, and understand any phenomena or
events. All these extraneous and acquired straights color our
perceptions and lead to confusions, uncertainties, and inaccuracies
resulting in understanding and describing the ONE universal reality.
This also misleads many to believe that there is no standalone
universal reality or purpose to the universe and each one of us to make
our own – another trick of the ego to maintain ownership of reality and

It is also important to note that even if a perfect description of
the ultimate reality were possible, the listener or the receiver of the
description may induce its own bias to the interpretation of the
description. The ability of the listener to listen perfectly is as
important as the ability of the describer to communicate the ultimate
reality. Even a perfect master who may be able to convey or describe
the reality as is could never penetrate an imperfect listener. The art
of listening and observing is as important as the art of describing.
And, that is where the strength of scientific communication comes in.
The medium of (holistic) scientific communication minimizes, to the
extent possible, the uncertainties and errors in communication.

From a holistic scientific perspective, universal consciousness,
eternity, emptiness, oneness, enlightenment, godliness, awareness, and
Samadhi could all be mathematically described as one simple massless
state of the Zero-point energy wherein space and time are fully
dilated. However, different non-scientific or metaphoric descriptions
would describe these otherwise unitary phenomena in many different
words, poems, or languages that would have different meanings for
different listeners leading to the apparent confusions and multiplicity
of interpretations. Holistic science (HR) describing the one underlying
essence of all, one universal path -dissolution of the ego, and one
destination or purpose – Eternity. HR thus ends the multiplicities of
paths, commandments, morals, beliefs, and convictions that are
artifacts of the multiple local minds or egos.

Non-local mind is as much of an oxymoron as non-local matter or mass
(ego). Such definition is in direct violation of the universal laws and
the observed universe behavior. Mind (ego) must dissolve just like
matter to achieve non-locality of the universal consciousness.

Universal consciousness is pure motion, while stillness
(motionlessness) is unconsciousness or death. The experience of eternal
peace, harmony, certainty, and order during the state of Samadhi (deep
meditation) is not stillness (V=0) but pure motion or kinetic energy
(V=C, speed of light) wherein clock stops and distances dilate to zero.
This gives the feeling or experience (awareness) of being everywhere
(omnipresence) and at the same time (clock stops). On the other hand,
the pure stillness (stopping of motion, V=0) occurs inside a black hole
wherein even a photon that normally moves at the speed of light is not
allowed to escape. The universal consciousness is an infinite ocean of
kinetic energy that imparts motion or life into everything and being.

And YES, there is a pill for achieving this kinetic energy of the
extreme kind. Moreover, it is free and every human being has it. The
pill is the ego; just swallow it and dissolve it. The pill, when
dissolved, releases all the kinetic energy that was earlier bound
within its shell and that one needs to realize the state of universal
consciousness, eternity, emptiness, oneness, enlightenment, godliness,
awareness, and Samadhi described scientifically as one simple state of
the Zero-point energy.

However, a note of caution about science is warranted. As Einstein
said, quantum mechanics is not a complete or holistic science. Also,
Richard Feynman said that no one understands it. Hence, QM descriptions
of the universal reality are incomplete, fragmented, and misleading
marred with multiple unresolved paradoxes- multiple universes, multiple
dimensions, anti-matter, quantum gravity etc. QM is great for
electronic gadgets and materialistic high-tech applications of science.
But I would not waste any time using quantum concepts such as
anti-matter, exotic particles, strings, time travel, time-warps,
quantum non-locality, quantum mind/observer, and quantum soul etc to
explain, describe, or understand universal reality or consciousness.