The Universe Provides, Provided You Follow Your Bliss

The universe provides — provided you are on the right path. I know this intimately. I’ve seen this principle in action many times, yet still I must periodically remind myself of it.

In 1993, I was attending college with a major in Education, with the goal of working as a school teacher. I was majoring in Education not because I had a strong desire to do so, but because it was "safe" and would provide me with a vocation. Instilled in me from an early age was the concept that security was the most important goal to life — the acquisition of a nice City job, benefits, retirement.

But I was unhappy. This wasn’t what I wanted to do. I wanted to write, I wanted to paint. I wanted to enrich my mind and better understand myself. I knew very clearly that I was on the wrong path, but I knew no way of getting off the treadmill. If I stopped pursuing this degree in Education, what would my family think? Would my mother’s threat of pulling her tuition help come true? What would I do then? And if I pursued my passion, would I end up starving, jobless…ridiculous?

You know, out of all my fears, my biggest was that I would seem ridiculous. That I would be ridiculed for my choices.

But that Summer, spending the weekdays in sweltering lecture halls, I reached a breaking point. I cut class one day and sat under a tree on that verdant campus. I never noticed how many trees and plants were on campus. I never stopped to contemplate or appreciate it. 

At that moment, I decided to pull the plug on my current path. I went to the registrar and dumped all my classes for the Fall semester. In their place, I took whatever Humanities classes that were available. It was a very mixed bag, but the courses all sounded more intriguing than the ones I had awaiting me before.

I informed my mother what I did, and she told me she was no longer giving me any financial assistance for college. I was on my own.

The new semester started, and the History class that I was scheduled for was suddently canceled. The registrar managed to squeeze me into another History class at the last minute. The same day, I was offered a job at the school’s public relations office as a fluke; I had walked into the wrong office, started talking to the director, and he offered me the position. Two weeks later, I was offered a scholarship by my History professor, who was the head of a program for gifted students.

The PR job was perfect, well-paying, and conveniently located near all of my classes. What the job didn’t pay, the scholarship did. As the years went by, I received various awards and other scholarships. I was able to fully support myself, go to school full-time, have plenty of time to study, and, most importantly — I was able to follow my bliss.

The universe provides. But, in all honesty, I very much doubt that so many coincidences and fortuitous — almost magical — opportunities would have happened had I not followed my bliss.

In our current economic environment, when there is so much fear, it is more important than ever before to remind oneself of the boundless generosity of the universe.