Unwritten, Unpublished, Unstoppable

This blog will chronicle my journey as an unpublished writing hopeful trying to get published.

For the sake of transparency I should note that my portfolio of unpublished work consists of one Wikipedia article I wrote on request for a social justice organization in Toronto.  The article is now in the hands of the organization and I am waiting for the feedback before I upload and proclaim myself published.

Other than that one article I guess I am what you could consider a newbie to the world of published work.  I’ve had a few personal blogs in the past and although I enjoyed writing them they were not the type of blogs I would share with a perspective employer.  Nobody wants to know about the time I started seeing black spots in Yoga class because I wasn’t getting enough protein from my new vegetarian lifestyle (update: I lasted three weeks as a vegetarian – but I will be trying again!) .

This blog is going to focus on the process of writing, my journey as an writer, and my search for inspiration.

I’m going to attempt to reach out to other more successful writers and uncover their keys to success and see what steps I can take to move forward in my journey. If this is something that interests you or you are a writer who has a few helpful suggestions please feel free to leave a comment.  I look forward to writing to you soon!


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