The Ventures Series…

○●○ 2010-02-18 (14h30EST) Namaste Beloved Ones ♥ Divinely Human Japa Malas… ○●○

Yesterday I posted an Invocative Mantra of Trust on the Intent site…To Be…Weaved in Strength WithIn*WithOut SynchroDestiny’s path… My Intent is Creating/Contributing a Fantasy-Fiction saga mapping over 100 000 yrs of humanity’s Potent-To-All return hOMe journey…”

For, I’ve loooved stories ever since I can remember, and perhaps even before that… They have saved my life with their inspiring models to follow and sharing this joy has somehow become part of my purpose’s passion.

While, I must & have been focusing on the necessity of reclaiming my ability to be a constructive member of society. I’ve nevertheless, for the last 25 yrs or so, amidst life’s labyrinth paths of darkness and light, created the outline for 8 stories or 11 books; tentatively named © “The Ventures Series” ©

Already drafted BK1 of Ezabel’s trilogy situated between the upcoming 4th millennium quantum leaping into it’s 8th or 9th, haven’t decided yet the specific dates on that one. As, well as the first third of the 2nd trilogy book plus the entire series’ general outlines; accumulating boxes of notes which still need to be organized.

The delay, has been one of simple vitality*stamina. The physical energy required to sustain a 4 day/week of 8hrs/day writing, research & editing. And, I admit to some trepidation in being able to pulling it off for having countless false-starts…most believe me to a tad ‘out there’ with my unrealistic dreams.

HowEver…“I’ll Be in Story Books!!!” is what, at about 4 ½ years old, I intuitively claimed as life’s purpose in kindergarten. It’s also, what I spontaneously do all the time… Create stories in my head, see them in others, getting bored & editing the one I’m reading or watching, just because I’m sad or glad…just because…

Just BeCause…when I do…there is this timeless infinity…akin to hOMe…




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  1. Renata, this is a beautiful way to manifest your vision!

    Am looking forward to be immersed in it one day 🙂

    Wish you strength to fulfill!

    Love from Mieke