The Virtue of Appreciation, Every Moment is Magnificent, Every Moment is Brilliant and Splendid

The Virtue of Appreciation, Every Moment is Magnificent, Every Moment is Brilliant and Splendid

The Virtue of Appreciation Life is a Continual Replenishment of Appreciation, Life Replenishes us every moment and provides us with an abundance of Happiness,

Appreciation creates greater opportunities and enables the perception of pathways which would otherwise appear and remain as a distant mirage,

Appreciation is the treasured attitude within each and every one of us which needs to be recognized and understood, to be expressed and experienced,

Appreciation is the virtue that does not reside far away from us but is very much within each and every one of us, the awareness and expression of this is a matter of understanding and realizing the immense and potential value of each and every intrinsic and treasured moment that we have and are being continually gifted with, Appreciation Regarding The Wonderful Attributes Life Has Endowed Us With & Continually Keeps Bestowing Upon Us, Appreciation is Wonderful virtue that can be expressed time and again, for all the wonderful assets and treasures that each and every one of us have been very fortunately bestowed and endowed with.

All of us are extremely fortunate for various reasons, from amongst which, certain of the aspects are outstanding, such as:- The ability to Think The ability to Speak to Express The ability to Function

Amongst the most remarkable appreciation is the Appreciation expressed to our Family, most importantly to our Parents, the Love and Respect to our Parents who always provide us with so many cherished values and teach us principles of Life, Our Family Members who support us and inspire us to endeavor to excel, Our Family which comprises of our Friends, our Community, our Wonderful Country, our Wonderful Universe and its Wonderful People, always encouraging us to take the initiative to endeavor to contribute our efforts towards spreading the virtual elements of Hope, Peace, Love, Joy, Prosperity, Progress and always The Very Best for all at all times, in all aspects and all instances consistently, Thank you for the virtue of Awareness and the virtue of Appreciation,

Awareness is indeed an "Extremely Important and Beneficial Virtue"

Awareness enables us to make responsible decisions on the pathway of this Beautiful Life,

Awareness guides and influences the trajectory of each endeavor practically, with utilization of logic and prudent acumen

Awareness; it is Great to be Aware. Being aware makes a tremendous difference to each and every aspect of Life

The importance of awareness cannot be emphasized enough since each and every moment / day, being aware has its own rewards that encompasses each and every facet of this Beautiful Life. In this context, the important virtue of Appreciation, of being aware of the tremendous assets and treasures that each and every one of us have been gifted with is a remarkable asset by itself since with appreciation and recognition come greater rewards since by appreciating with gratitude with awareness, we are attracting to ourselves greater achievements whilst of course attending to our "Responsibilities" and "Assignments" efficiently, promptly and with an attitude of Appreciate Gratitude and Complete Awareness,

Appreciate Life and its Wonderful Moments, Make each and every moment count please, Make each and every moment Matter please! Matter and Count, like nothing else, since this Moment that has evolved and is passing by holds within it tremendous opportunities, recognize the immense potential and value of each and every Moment, be Appreciative, be Thankful, do your Very Best always for our Wonderful Universe and its Wonderful People always Please, Thank you very Much

Please kindly make note that the above details is / are not endorsed view(s) or suggestion(s), it / they is / are only an expression of a view point(s) that are being expressed in good faith at this moment in time and it might be very much possible that each individual endeavor might merit a more stringent, a more stronger and higher level of Responsibility and effective guidelines and COMPLIANCE and ADHERENCE to certain Protocol, Rules, LAWS AND REGULATIONS and other associated factors; So at any instance(s) any decision(s) / action(s) taken by the concerned Individual(s) / Person(s) remains entirely their own / complete / total Responsibility.

NO warranties regarding the accuracy, completeness, reliability of any of the above details featured are provided in any way whatsoever.In NO event whatsoever shall the author of this article be responsible for damages of any nature whatsoever resulting from the use of or reliance upon the information featured. The details featured herewith are in good faith BUT in no way assure or guarantee any results / performances from what is sincerely Hoped for since every action(s) / decision(s) taken by the concerned Individual(s) remains completely and entirely the concerned Individual(s) Responsibility and at their sole discretion and risk.Henceforth, this point of view should not be completely relied upon since you would have to obviously take your own Responsibility in attending to each endeavor with Utmost Care, Attention, Precaution, Caution, Due Diligence, Prudent Acumen, Time and Again Repeatedly with Responsibility and a host of various other factors that might have to be taken into careful consideration and assessment accordingly; so Please kindly carefully verify at each and every step(s), each and every detail(s) meticulously and diligently Please. Thank You for your attention.

Best Wishes,
Vashi Ram Chandi