Walk the Talk Show: John Douillard on Ayurveda, Burning Fat & Coffee (video)

Is it true that Americans get too much protein? Is it better to have small meals throughout the day or to eat three square meals? Is coffee bad for you?

Waylon Lewis, founder of ElephantJournal.com, interviews John Douillard about an Ayurvedic perspective on the modern American diet. You can tune into Walk the Talk LIVE every other week at Elephant Journal. The next show will be live-streamed tomorrow, March 8 at 6pm MST with special guests Frank Berliner and Laura Ruby.

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About walkthetalkshow

Walk the Talk Show with Waylon Lewis is fun, yet fundamentally serious. The show has been described as "The Daily Show of mindfulness," spreading the good news beyond the choir to those who weren't sure they gave a care. Walk the Talk is dedicated to bringing the good news beyond the choir and to the masses via fun, yet fundamentally serious conversations with inspiring figures, both famous and everyday. The videos are hip, fun, accessible, professional and available through elephantjournal.com (voted #1 for #green content on Twitter in US for two years running, and a Top 10 US #green and #spirituality web site), Huffington Post (where Waylon has a popular column), Care2, Intent.com, Twilight Earth and a dozen other partner sites.


  1. Walk the Talk… (well, said, very well said)… after sipping liberty of creation, of speech… we should not fear to stand up the liberty of action.

    I enjoyed very much that video.

    The topic simplified and clear, brought by genuine-personalities, strong and sensitive.

    Well, I guess I need more to be surrounded by this type of personalities.

    Thank you for sharing.