Watch: 6 Year Old Creates Superhero Short Film with Help From Dad

6-year old Elliott Worley likes art, superheroes and his baby sisters. Elliott is an artist with a filmmaker father, Seth, and when the two combined their own super powers, Super Lion was born.

Super Lion is a character invented by Elliott who fights crime (specifically the evil Dr. Hyena) with the help of his trusty sidekick, Bumblebee. Seth took Elliott’s drawings and narration and turned it into the best movie trailer about lions we’ve ever seen. To top it all off, Seth recruited his own brother Ben Worley to create an epic theme for Super Lion. We not only get Super Lion’s origin story, but meet his sidekick Bumblebee (who has horns on his head so he can hear good!) and see them face off against Dr. Hyena.

Though his dad and uncle helped, Elliott is clearly on his way to an illustrious illustration/animation/filmmaking career. Really, the choices are endless, right? This is what happens when we notice our children’s creative potential and help them explore it in interesting and fun ways!

So moms and dads: what are some ways to collaborate with your children? Whether it’s making cookies or turning their random doodles into a movie the world can’t wait to see, amazing things come from spending time being creative with your family!


Elliott Worley’s SUPER LION from Seth Worley on Vimeo.


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