Water in our lives: its great importance.

   Water was, is and always will be an important part of our daily lives.

To people like us, who are spiritually oriented, water plays an important role, so to have water containers in each of our bedrooms would definitely be an excellent habit. A natural phenomenon is the evaporation of water. Water always tends to evaporate. This evaporation is responsible for the elimination of harmful radiation because water neutralizes any wrong vibration and simultaneously increases greatly the positive benefits from good vibrations. Let’s keep in our minds that not only our material bodies are made with great quantity of water, but also our true high selves.

  Humidity in our environment is required to express all our attributes, skills and spiritual gifts. Besides it is important to be aware of the fact that never before than our current times us human beings are exposed to very high different kinds of harmful radiation sources. It is that, according to environmental scientists, our daily dosage it too high. That’s why it is imperative to do whatever is necessary to do something about this.

  These scientists emphasize the harmful effects on us by satellite Communications, telephony towers, high voltage towers, home appliances, for example microwave ovens.  To our subconscious minds are arriving a lot of subliminal messages due to very effective advertisement spots done using background music plus subliminal images on those spots achieve been filtered into this important mind.

   For the above mentioned facts, our water containers with wide mouths are an excellent choice. These will be without doubt, a good protective measure. There is another useful tip which was discovered after many years spend researching in different textbooks; self-help, anthropology, psychology, philosophy, Universal Compared History, and serious scientific magazines plus the wisdom found in esoteric teachings allowed me to discover that every human being has to appropriate days. These days would be used as negative information effective removal, and later on as wonderful days to post provable facts integration. These two days are when our moon is on our zodiac symbol. In internet there is a reliable site called Lunarium.

As always with all positive cosmic beneficial loving radiations. Amorifer.



  1. Hi Alden,

    We've been thinking bout the same element! I wrote and thought about water a few wks back…thought highlighting what I wrote then to you might be useful in your research on different things and cultural/spiritual interpretation and use of water. Check it out if you like as below…I wrote it in relation to the Hindu festival of Kartik Snaan that celebrates or mostly worships water in the form of the great Hindu and Indian river-Ganga by seeing her as a goddess.


    or the original posting on my Universal Collective Prayer blog as follows:


  2. Dear Babita I do appriciate your comments 'cause they are welcome and besides to know about you and your websites plus your membership to FOR TIBET, INTENT and other xcellent sites. I think you and I are on the right track. You indeed are quite ahead of me, but what really matters on both cases is the fact that both of us is deeply concerned to make the difference in people's lives. Never to manipulate.On the contrary makng harmonious and subltle suggestions. Why don't we interchange spiritual experiences step by step?So let me send you an improvement human resources project to strenghen our mental-spiritual ties.OJECT



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  3. Hola Ezequiel!

    Hablo un poco espanol tambien. No tengo 'the link' tu escribes baja.

    In case I mess up the communication further by trying more Spanish…I didnt get the link below I dont think you pasted it properly or something. I'd be glad to participate in activities with you if I can find the time etc. So send me it again. I'll spot you a friend request.

    Y muchas gracias sobre mi 'websites' y otro trabajo con Tibet etc.

    Feliz Navidad y Prospero Ano Felicidad y (I just had to ask my Venezuelan co-worker how to write this properly) Encantado de conocerte!