A Way To A Man’s Heart Is Not Through His Stomach – It’s In Your Ability To Take Care Of A Home


Do you remember the episode in Friends where Ross met the girl of his dreams? She was gorgeous, had a great personality, a perfect body AND she was totally into him?  This episode is called, The Dirty Girl. It starts as they are coming back from a lovely evening out and she invites him into her apartment. Ross is excited to go in until she opens the door and he sees the mess she lives in. 

What if you’ve met Mr. Wonderful and had an incredible evening together? You spent hours getting ready, picking out your clothes, doing your make up. You’ve thought through all the wonderful subjects you talked about at dinner. And if all goes well, you’ll want to take him back to your place. But first, ask yourself – are you a “Dirty Girl”?

We never consider that a man may be interested in more than our looks. Women spend thousands of dollars on beauty products and weight loss scams. But what if I told you one of the best investments you could make would be to spend time learning how to keep house. Yes, a man is looking for an attractive woman, but he is also looking for someone that can make a house a home. And that means keeping your home clean and neat.

Most men are messy. I even have a theory that they can’t bend from the waist. This would explain why men leave their underwear and socks on the floor and rarely put anything in the dishwasher. It’s because they can’t bend.

We need to realize that men are looking for someone to take care of them. Physically, mentally, emotionally and also someone to take care of their home.  In the early stages of a relationship you can win more attraction points by having a clean home than you can by using those expensive fake eyelashes.

So where do we start when we are cleaning our home to attract a man?  Here are some steps you can take to create an atmosphere that will definitely make your partner look at your relationship as long term instead of a fling.

When dating someone new, a man’s senses are on high alert so we want to make sure your home doesn’t have a foul odor. You need to address this issue especially if you have pets. There are two steps to alleviating odors. One is to remove the source of the smell and the other is to add a pleasant scent to mask others.

  • Carpets and fabric furniture are like huge magnets for nasty odors.  A solution is to place some baking soda into a shaker container and leave it on the carpet overnight. The baking soda will absorb the odors so you just have to vacuum it up in the morning. 
  • Cheap vodka in a spray bottle works great on fabric furniture. The alcohol in the vodka will absorb odors and let them evaporate into the air. 
  • Check your garbage can to see if there’s something in the bottom of the pail that might be adding a foul odor to your home. 
  • Avoid commercial air fragrances as your man may have chemical sensitivities and these will make him just as uncomfortable as a nasty odor. 
  • Light a scented candle but extinguish it before he arrives so that the scent is not overwhelming.  Stay with neutral scents until you learn his favorites.
  • Spray your favorite perfume on the door jamb of the entry way into your home. When he passes underneath it he will get a whiff of your scent.

These are just a few first steps to attracting a man with your homekeeping skills. They are meant to be helpful ideas to guide you along your path… and ensure that the journey you are on is one of never-ending contentment and happiness.

Leslie Reichert is a cleaning expert that encourages people to think differently about their cleaning products. Leslie is known as the Green Cleaning Coach is changing the world – “one spray bottle at a time”.  She is a national speaker, a frequent home keeping expert on Martha Stewart Living Radio, Maid Brigade’s DIY Cleaning Expert and the author of the book: The Joy Of Green Cleaning. For tips and simple, but effective strategies visit her at www.greencleaningcoach.com.