We See A World


Thursday, 10/6

A Vision for Helpfulness

“We see a world where people are helping each other; where we are open at all times to support others and give assistance to whoever needs it with whatever they need it for.

We see helpfulness being the watchword of the day so that when we meet someone new our first and foremost inclination is to help them. Can you imagine it – because if you can, you can create it! For, it leads us to a world where we truly care about one another; where we are grateful to each other for the help we've received; and where we are all expressing a willingness to serve our fellow travelers.

With an attitude such as this we've charted a course that will, most assuredly bring us peace of mind and the experience of Oneness with All That Is.”

–The Intenders for the Highest Good; Vision Alignment Project

Steve Farrell

Humanity's Team World Wide Coordinating Director