This Week On Intent: Give Us Your Thanksgiving Wellness Tips

This week on Intent, we want to hear your tips, tricks, ideas and action steps on surviving Thanksgiving week while keeping our sense of wellness intact. How can we survive Turkey Day  without completely wrecking our health? What healthier alternatives exist to the traditional Thanksgiving meal? What are some personal strategies you employ to avoid overeating without depriving yourself? 

Let’s not also forget the challenge that comes after Thanksgiving. What to do with all the leftovers? How can we possibly practice nutritional will power when we are confronted with plates of leftover pumpkin pie every time we open the refrigerator? 

Asides from the much-needed advice on eating mindfully and maintaining a healthy weight during one of the most epic feasts of the year, how else can we practice wellness on a personal, social, spiritual and even global level? 

After all, Thanksgiving is not just about eating good food or hustling for the post-Thanksgiving sales, but getting together with loved ones and friends, and remembering the abundance that we are blessed with. This may mean for you the single day of the year when you practice restraining your ego when you are tempted to launch into a heated debate over opposing poitics with certain family members. Or this may mean a sacred time for you to really give back to the community, such as volunteering for the local soup kitchen or giving away unwanted possessions in your home.

Here are some recent Thanksgiving articles from our Intent community that may aid you in the coming days:

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Whatever activities, rituals, mantras, traditions, recipes or resources you have on celebrating this year’s Thanksgiving with joy and good health, we want to hear them all.

Join Intent’s mission this week to inspire others with ideas and activities that will help us stay healthy in mind, body and spirit during Thanksgiving week Tag your blog posts "Thanksgiving" and we will be featuring the best weekly content by Thanksgiving Eve. If you simply want to share a quick idea in the comments below, we want to hear that as well. We can’t wait to read your contributions!


  1. My family is far away. I called them and wished them a happy Thanksgiving. I spent the day relaxing and tried to do it as just another day. I did call friends, too, and spoke with the ones who were in town. I went to an AA meeting I hadn't attended in months and ran into many old friends. It was a very pleasant day and evening. I listened to music and watched Up on DVD.

  2. In the past 3 years, I lost both my parents and my aunt. My only relative left living is my sister and I want to Praise God – that for the first time – we had a Thanksgiving Holiday that was not laced with grief over family that was no longer with us. We both had such joy – no pain – no nostalgia – we had a blast and enjoyed our time together. For the first time since 2006 – I am going to put up a Christmas Tree and enjoy Christmas as well. God's word says Psalm