Weight Loss Yoga for Beginners

Starting a regular yoga practice can be scary. It’s tricky to know how, where, and when to start. The good news is you can start right from where you are. This routine is designed as a simple entry into yoga. We’ll start with some basic poses that work on building strength, flexibility, body awareness, and help to promote weight loss. You’ll feel great after every time you practice yoga, which is one of the many reasons it works when it comes to weight loss. When you feel good after yoga you are more likely to continue treating your body well when it comes to eating and other habits. Yoga connects you back with you, where all the good stuff is. Have fun and stick with it! love, Tara



If you haven’t gotten it already Authentic Yoga, the app for the iPhone and iPad with Deepak Chopra and me is another great place to start for beginners. Deepak walks you through all the poses and explains the benefits while you practice.  We’ve got some other fun routines and videos specifically for issues like tight hamstrings, back pain, and stress. Check it out and have a great day!