Weird Breathing Tip To Help You Feel Better


We took a break from hard work this morning and in our internet wanderings found this quick and weird breathing exercise on HuffPo! Belly ache? Brain need a rest? If so, you can┬átry this tip from literally anywhere (except underwater. Don’t try this underwater.)

According to the founders of the Holistic Life Foundation:

“The taco breath is one of the few breaths that we teach where you inhale through your mouth, and you actually have to curl your tongue and inhale through your tongue like it’s a straw,” said Atman Smith. “It’s really good for physically cooling down the body and mentally cooling you down.

You have to sit with your back, neck and head aligned, feet flat on the ground, and inhale through your tongue like it’s a straw. Then you swallow the breath while you’re holding onto the breath, and then you exhale through your nose, pulling your bellybutton to your spine — a long, slow, deep breath. It soothes any stomach aches… and it’s good for arthritis.”

So there you have it! 10 seconds at your desk. Give it a try!

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