What Causes Gluttony?

These next several weeks of Seeds are based on a mystical interpretation of the seven deadly sins of Catholic fame. Let us consider them upgraded …

Gluttony—that’s an old-fashioned word. The traditional meaning of gluttony is the vice of excessive eating. The etymology of the word is from Latin roots meaning to gulp down.

Because there are seven of these spiritual warnings, I couldn’t help but think of the seven chakras. I think gluttony corresponds to the first chakra, that of survival and tribal issues. Sometimes known as the base chakra, it deals with the basics of life.

What really causes excessive eating? Hunger. Not necessarily hunger for food, but hunger for life. What a glutton does is hunger for more life force.

The morning I wrote this, I was reading Andrew Harvey’s book on Spiritual Activism called The Hope. In it, he quotes the Taittirya Upanishad. A son approaches his father to ask about life. His father tells him, “First, learn about food.”

Let us upgrade gluttony to a hunger for more life, fuller experience, greater fulfillment, more Spirit.

Be passion,


Susan Corso

Dr. Susan Corso

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