What is an intent?

I have found the paradox, that if you love until it hurts, there can be no more hurt, only more love.

When we say “I intend to eat better” or I intend to go shopping,” we express a future aim. Yet I have to say that true intent is more than just future goal-setting.

True intent is not created by us planning our daily life. True intent is what the soul tell us to do.

If we listen to the soul, if we pay attention, it will tell us what we need to do. And we can recognize that as an intent, the result of which we cannot predict, but which will serve the greater good.

Mother Teresa did not intend to become a saint. She followed a soul calling that said — go to India, serve the poor, because this is an authentic part of who you are.

When we follow the soul intentions miracles will happen.

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About Dr Allan Hunter

Dr. Allan G. Hunter was born in England and completed all his degrees at Oxford University, emerging with a doctorate in English Literature in 1983.  For the past twenty years he has been a counselor and a professor of literature at Curry College, Massachusetts.  He is the author of seven books, including Stories We Need to Know; Reading your Life Path in Literature, (Findhorn Press: 2008), and most recently of The Six Archetypes of Love: from Innocent to Magician, (also from Findhorn).  He has written two books on using writing for self-exploration, The Sanity Manual and Life Passages (both from Kroshka/Nova Science Books).  He works with individuals and organizations to show how at any one time there are six archetypes that we can choose to live, and how we routinely stay in one of these because we don’t know what we’ll be like if we allow development to happen. His insights have been enthusiastically received by Business groups, Human Resources professionals, Counselors, and Educators and they offer a new way to understand personal and professional growth – one based in 3000 years of the western world’s cultural history. To learn more go to   allanhunter.net or www.therapeuticwriting.com