When Science Becomes Religion or Pseudoscience

The purpose of science is to reveal the universal reality. Knowing this reality helps improving not only the material quality of life but also achieving fulfillment of being human. Even if science

is not able to prove or describe the ultimate reality in measurable terms, it is expected that its theories may be able to extrapolate or point to the universal reality in terms that are comprehensible to the human mind. Has science met its objective? Is it capable of ever revealing the ultimate reality – the Theory of Everything?

Mainstream science has struggled for centuries to understand the universe. While its theories have constantly been revised, great achievements in recent decades have enriched material life on Earth. Some scientists have even declared the ultimate victory in that the end of science is near. However, mysterious and irresolvable paradoxes have plagued the otherwise successful theories of science. One of the most serious outcomes of existing and widely accepted theories is the meaninglessness of the universe and life in it, thus making science itself meaningless. Mainstream science is still far apart in explaining the observed universe and, hence the success of science has been only global and not universal. The flagship theories of science namely Newtonian theory, relativity theory, and quantum mechanics suffer from unresolved inconsistencies among them that prohibit a generic representation of the observed universe behavior. These theories may explain results of countless individual experiments, but fail to predict observations at universe scale. Such failures raise serious doubts if these theories represent the universal laws accurately and completely as the mainstream science claims. In Stephen Hawking’s words (Discover, Dec. 2002, p13):

“It is a tribute to how far we have come in theoretical physics that it now takes enormous machines and a great deal of money to perform an experiment whose results we can not predict.”

However, for most people science means the one and only mainstream science. It is common (mis)understanding or mindset that whatever is not agreed upon or approved by the mainstream science is pseudoscience. Fortunately for the humanity, the ultimate reality or existence is not a popular vote of the mainstream crowd (like the Copenhagen declaration vindicating quantum mechanics over relativity theory). Depending upon the degree of capability to reveal the ultimate reality, we can describe three types of alternative pursuits of science:

1. Holistic Science:

The science that is complete in its formulations to describe the behavior of matter, mind, and consciousness. Only a complete science or holistic science is capable to reveal the ultimate universal reality and the observed behavior of the universe (that includes matter, mind, and consciousness within its domain) without any unresolved paradoxes and singularities. This is essentially the Theory of Everything that includes meaning and purpose of life and the universe.

2. Science of the Matter or Mainstream Science:

The science of the matter limits its investigations to only what can be measured or what is manifested in material form. This science, also known as the mainstream science, reveals only the material part (4%) of the overall reality. In a way, materialism is the religion of the mainstream science and the materialistic experiments its rituals. The countless experiments (rituals) that are performed to validate the mainstream theories are nothing but to worship the goddess of matter. The material benefits of the mainstream science are considered to be the Prasad or the holy gift from the goddess of matter. Like an orthodox priest preaches the belief in God, a mainstream scientist propagates his/her religion of materialism and belief in the goddess of matter. It is not even funny when the mainstream science boasts about its objectivity, which is confined to the sole and literal subjectivity towards the objects of matter – the particles and things. It is ironic that the great theories of motion – Newtonian or quantum mechanics are unable to explain what caused the very first motion in the universe.

This is evidenced by the fact that the mainstream science can predict only 4% of the observed universe in the form of the visible matter. Rest 96% of the universe is unknown or explicitly immeasurable and unexplainable dark energy and/dark matter. Because of the serious incompleteness or missing physics of the non-material reality (consciousness) from the mainstream scientific method and theories, it not only unable to explain the observe universe, but remains full of several serous unresolved paradoxes that kill the purpose and meaning in the universal existence and life itself.

The enemies of science are within – the materialists who have clipped its wings (consciousness) to imprison it in its golden cage of matter. These very enemies have also killed the purpose in the universe and life by squeezing away consciousness or life from it. The universe of the mainstream science (quantum mechanics) is a dead universe inhabited by mindless particles of inanimate matter or anti-matter running around with no purpose at all in the ocean of nothingness and filled with evolutionary uncertainty, complexity, and destiny of an ultimate demise into the oblivion. What an achievement and productive use of the resources of humankind?

3. Metaphysics or Metaphoric Science

Metaphysics simply attempts to fill in the incompleteness or gaps in the knowledge of the mainstream science with non-scientific, unverifiable, or metaphorical concepts (the so-called God of the Gaps) that cannot be described or represented in rigorous mathematical terms representing the language of science. In some cases, the metaphoric approach is built upon the existing mainstream science approach to justify mystical experiences on the basis of the unexplained mysteries or paradoxes of the mainstream science such as quantum mechanics. Such science is not science at all but metaphysical, metaphorical, or speculative philosophical fluff that demeans both science and spirituality, and not worth pursuing any further in this post.

The word – “Pseudo” according to the Webster’s dictionary means illusory, not representing reality, false, sham etc. From the perspective of the Holistic or complete science that reveals the ultimate universal reality, both the mainstream science as well as metaphysics are pseudo sciences, at least at the present level of understanding, since they are unable to represent the wholesome universal reality of the observed universe in rigorous mathematical terms devoid of the unresolved paradoxes and singularities. The fact that the mainstream theories are validated against a multitude of experiments is irrelevant to establish their universal credibility unless they can predict the observed universe in totality. Devoid of consciousness, the mainstream science of today can reveal only relative reality of matter constrained by the limits of the scientific method and not the ultimate universal reality because of the following reasons:

1. Limitations of experiments to measure only the manifested reality
2. Ignorance of reality in any other form than matter
3. Ignorance of consciousness or spontaneity in nature
4. Fragmentation destroys the wholesomeness of the universal reality
5. Scientific or material reality is evolutionary and hence diverging

A Proposed Approach to the Holistic Science

The good news is that there is a common root cause paralyzing the mainstream science and it is within our reach to eliminate this cause. This root cause is the ignorance of the inherent consciousness or the observed spontaneity in the universe.

The Holistic Relativity (HR) mathematical model proposed in references [1] thru [5] integrates the observed spontaneity with a simplified model of general relativity, which is shown to provide resolution to many of the questions and paradoxes above. HR is not a philosophy or pseudoscience, but a simplified general relativity applied to the spontaneous decay of particles – a phenomenon ignored in the past by the mainstream science. The HR formulations enhance the status of the mainstream science from a pseudoscience to a Holistic Science as defined above since it allows the material reality to absolve into the universal reality. The proposed HR model demonstrates that a common set of universal laws govern the behavior of the matter, mind and consciousness. Consciousness or the spontaneity in nature is shown to be a physical phenomenon and not an epiphenomenon. Its existence is a physical reality and not a metaphysical myth that can be excluded from a rigorous scientific theory.

The proposed HR scientific approach provides a seamless integration between the classical and quantum reality (it solves the quantum Observer’s Paradox) as well as a fresh perspective on scientific reality as it relates to the ultimate universal reality. A successful agreement between the predictions and observations of the universe demonstrates the validity and credibility of the proposed approach. This is not just a fortuitous fluke and demands a serious consideration by the mainstream scientific community as it resolves several of the inconsistencies and paradoxes of the current theories.

HR also closes the artificially created gap between science and spirituality. It integrates the wisdom of the spiritual masters into the science master Einstein’s relativity theory to compensate for his – “Hidden Factor”. It provides a physical basis and answers to many of the philosophical questions related to time and evolution. It also restores the once lost simplicity, beauty, purpose, and meaning not only to science, but also to the universe and life in it. It also demonstrates that the existing paradoxes of the modern science and cosmology leading to an apparent absence of purpose in the universe are artifacts, rather than universal realities, of the missing physics of spontaneity in the modern scientific theories.

It is not the proper question as to why science and spirituality need to be unified. The relevant question is why the human ego tends to separate them from their Oneness. Holistic Science is genuine spirituality or vice versa since they both reveal or point to the same ultimate universal reality. Only the egos of mainstream scientists and orthodox priests would like to keep them separate for their own materialistic gains or ignorance. Just as the mainstream science likes to divide and rule nature by fragmenting the reality into pieces (particles of quantum mechanics) of matter, the mainstream religion likes to divide ONE WHOLESOME CONSCIOUSNESS into religions and sects to rule the psyche of common human folks.

I will continue my efforts but I am not holding my breadth waiting for the mainstream science to awaken to the reality of the consciousness as a universal phenomenon instead of “The Ghost in the Atom.” Both mainstream science and religion have fundamental conflicts of interest with Holistic Science and universal consciousness respectively. The Holistic Science would dissolve the illusion of matter as the ultimate reality that feeds billions of dollars of research funding to the mainstream science to pursue the wild geese chase of the ever illusive particles. The universal consciousness would dissolve the illusion of God as the ultimate reality that brings in people to churches/temples offering charities, which keep the religions and priests flourishing in their business. Who says there is conflict between the mainstreams of science and religion? One could see a perfect harmony in the collusion between the pseudoscience and pseudo spirituality against the Holistic Science or consciousness, their common enemy.


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