Mallika Chopra: Where is your favorite place to meditate?

In nature? In a sacred place? In the comfort of your home?

How about sitting on a platform held up by a stick held by another meditating man?  I’m not kidding – just saw witness this this past weekend at Piazza Novena in Rome.  While we gawked at the stunt, I have to admit these two men meditated in silence and still for more than an hour…

I myself have meditated in the middle of the city when Intent coordinated a flash mob meditation in Union Square, San Francisco.  It was amazing to personally experience silence in the midst of chaos.

I have to admit I am not a nature meditator, unless it’s at a beach and the lull of the waves transports me.  Generally outside, I find I end up focusing more on the bugs or ground beneath me.  So weird to think that I am an urban meditator, unless it’s in a video like this:

I love to meditate in Holy Places, especially in places like churches.  This video however has someone commenting that we should not mix meditation and religion – ie that it is not appropriate to link meditation to a cathedral.  What do you think?  Is it offensive somehow to meditate in a church? (Obviously I don’t think so, but am curious what you think!)

So where is your favorite place to meditate?


  1. Thanks for this interesting post!

    Some could take offense perhaps because they see meditation and religion (or religious places) as different types of spirituality and one should not mix with the other. Sacred places and buildings seem a wonderful place to meditate, however, because stillness seems to have been built into them. People pray in cathedrals and that is not offensive.

    My favorite place so far was 20 minutes at a car wash with my eyes closed behind my sunglasses. The noise seemed to make the stillness and silence of mind easier to find in a strange way. Very noisy places or very silent places seem to work best for me.

    1. Mo, thanks for sharing your car wash experience. Never tried that before! Isn’t amazing how a noisy place can sometimes be the most silent one.

  2. My favorite place to meditate is doing a walking meditation along the ocean on a quiet beach. I live across the street from the ocean in a more rural place in Oregon. It is a joy to walk alongside an ocean of consciousness.

    1. I agree Joseph, walking helps me too. I find one of my favorite times to meditate is when I cut the grass. This is such a sensory experience and I find so much to be grateful for. The loud noise of the mower quiets my mind and propels me into a state of surrender and gratitude.

      1. He he, Bridget. When I read your comment about cutting the grass I realized I would be sneezing the whole time!! The noise of the mower… 🙂

    2. Joseph, thanks for sharing. Yes, walking along the beach is amazing. I love sitting and just experience the waves. The natural rhythms of the universe…

  3. Personally I love to meditate in Church. I try to go before my Mass begins so that I can get to the place that I need to be in order to be open to receiving from God. Otherwise it simply becomes a Mass ritual that one simply goes through the motions in. I see no conflict here at all, in fact it makes perfect sense.

    My favorite place however has to be by far, by the ocean. It’s where I feel myself let go and as Davidji put it, “See what I am not seeing”…. It is where I feel so connected to the rest of the universe and through my meditation there I am able to soar above the ocean and fly over the world.

    1. Ruth I too love meditating in churches, big and small. A church which absorbs prayer and silence for me is one of the most special places to meditate. I don’t see any conflict at all.

  4. Indeed it is very interesting. But at this moment skepticism gets best of me. Blame it on Devid Blaine’s shows. But I sure agree with what is said in this article.