Who Will Love a Little Sparrow?

House SparrowI left my door open in the warm weather and a sparrow decided to hop in and explore my house. Instead of leaving by the open door it decided it needed to try and leave by the window, and it fluttered helplessly against the fly-screen, sensing the outdoors, panicked, feeling trapped.

I did all I could to shoo it towards the still open door. It wasn’t having anything to do with that, and so it flew upstairs. It followed its bird nature, seeking freedom in altitude. That’s a good thing to do outside, but totally the wrong thing to do in a house. After I’d captured it and set it free it occurred to me that we can learn from the sparrow.

The poor trapped sparrow was afraid of this larger creature (me) and would not take any hints – just as most of us get hints from the universe about what we need to do and then we fight against them. Eventually the universe will put each of us back on course, even if it takes a major upheaval to do that. In my case I had to throw a towel over the bird, pray I hadn’t hurt it, and gather it up.

All that it suffered was ruffled feathers and a small loss of dignity.

If only we could all recover from our mistakes so easily. If only we all chose not to resist the universe and its promptings.


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