Who is in your Spiritual Orbit?

 The other day, I was shoping at the local store, when I ran into an old friend and colleague of mine. She and I always seem to run into one another at the same store or around town. We live in a small college town, and I know a great number of people, but yet I don’t see other acquintances around town as often as I see her. When I do see her, it is typically when she is experiencing a period of difficulty in her existence and just needs some moral support. 


We decided to grab some dinner and catch up on each other’s lives. While we were waiting for our food to arrive she asked me, "Why is it that we are always running into each other?" I took a sip from my bottle of beer and I said, "Because you and I are in each other’s Spiritual Orbits." Not being a spiritually connected person, she looked at me with a perplexed look.


To demonstrate and clarify, I took her bottle of beer and created a water ring on the table. I then took my bottle of beer and created a water ring that intersected hers. I pointed to the rings and said, "Just like the planets and comets have orbits, so do our spirits. Like these rings, sometimes our spiritual orbits intersect, collide/unite, and graze each other. People come in and out of our lives all the time. Some for the briefest of moments and others for extended periods of time. Each time our Spiritual Orbits connect, it is for a purpose. It is a guidepost moment. The other person has something to help us on our journey or Spiritual Path." I then explained to her how she and I always seem to run into each other when she needs a good laugh, a smile, or just some moral support. Recognizing the value in my statement, she nodded her head in agreement.


During this human existance their are two spiritual components to our human experience. Our Spiritual Path and our Spiritual Orbit. These are two distinct features and I will explain briefly. Our Spiritual Path is ever changing as we make decisions and new discoveries within our human existance. Our Spiritual Path is how we get from point A to Point B within this incarnation of the human existence. Since our spirit is everlasting, it has no beginning and no end. In essence it is a circle. Thus our spiritual Path creates a Spiritual Orbit. Our Spiritual Path is often defined or influenced by key moments that occur during this existence by others that cross into our Spiritual Orbits.


Each spiritual being has their own Spiritual Orbit. Just like a planet, our Spiritual Orbits can either attract other spirits into it, manipulate the paths/orbits of other spirits that travel through it, or simply have other spirits intersect or graze it. Those that are atrracted to our spirit will often share our orbit for an extended period of time. These spiritual connections are often family, friends, and significant others. When the attraction wears off, the other spirit will often leave our orbit and may then simply intersect our orbit from time to time. 


Just like the gravitational pull of the Sun can influence a comet, the pull of the Spiritual Orbit can influence another Spiritual Orbit and Spiritual Path. These interactions tend to be those guidepost moments. When two Spiritual Orbits meet, at what should have been a simple moment or brief interaction, can often turn into a life altering event that changes the course of one or both of the beings Spiritual Paths. 


There are also those spiritual beings that simply cross our Spiritual Orbits from time to time or that we meet once and never see again. These are either moments of intersection, to eventually cross paths again, or simply two orbits that meet at a singular point. These interactions occur mainly with casual acquaintances or complete strangers, but even these Orbital incursions can have a major impact on our Spiritual Paths. The spiritual interactions that occur on the Intent site are a great example of these Spiritual Orbit incursions. There are those members that will provide a much needed comment on an intent we post or maybe post a blog article that provides guidance. Some members will graze orbits, intersect multiple times, or even share orbits if the spiritual connection/attraction is great enough.


Understanding and being accepting of these Spiritual Orbits and how they effect my Spiritual Path has allowed me to better understand human relationships and interaction. I am not one to believe that all friendships last forever. I appreciate each moment I have with my friends and loved ones, but I know that at some point, our Orbits will no longer be connected. So, all I can do is hope that the next spiritual being that enters into my orbit will stay just a little longer than the last. 


We all have the power to do great things and will have moments in which we act as a guidepost for others. When our orbits interact, it is best that we be certain that those interactions are positive and lead to fruitful results. Since we all are spiritual beings, we all have Spiritual Paths. Since we all have Spiritual Paths, we all have Spiritual Orbits. Since we all have Spiritual Orbits, our orbits can and will intersect. Since our orbits intersect, each of us acts as a guidepost for those were intersect with. Since you will have a guidepost moment, be certain that they have positive impacts on the Spiritual Paths of others. To those on the intent site, thank you for intersecting with my orbit. I am blessed to have you as guideposts on my journey.


Blessings on your journey.