Whole-Person Health: 5 Articles to Help You Take Care of Yourself

Overall wellness can seem like a tough project. Taking care of our bodies, minds, relationships, and souls is a lot to negotiate at one time. Here are some articles to help you out, whether you’re looking for healing, recovery, or just want a boost for your daily routine. Enjoy!

If yoga is all about surrendering goals and fostering awareness, it may be among the greatest treatments for eating disorders and issues with body image.

How Yoga Helped Me Recover From an Eating Disorder (MindBodyGreen)

How about surrendering the ego and recovering from gossip and judgement? Try the 40-day gossip cleanse.

Lessons to Learn from Gossip, Criticism, Judgment, and Name-Dropping (Positively Positive)

Take some time to show a friend you care. It’s so important to nurture these relationships through thick and thin.

4 Important Friendship-Feeding Habits (Care 2)

You probably know these lessons already, but it never hurts to reinforce them, especially when it’s our health that is at stake.

Stand Up 2 Cancer: 5 Ways to Lower Your Risk of Cancer (Yahoo! Shine)

And summer wasn’t just for lazing around and slurping ice cream. Keep those healthy summer habits alive! Stay active, eat locally, and wear sunscreen. 🙂

Healthy Summer Habits To Hold Onto For Fall (Huff Post)