Why Mariel Hemingway Practices Yoga


Next up in our GaiamTV interview series, we have actress, yogini, wellness expert, and healthy eating chef Mariel Hemingway.

Hi Mariel, thanks so much for taking the time to chat with us. We know you began your career as an actress, but it sounds like you’ve been in the yoga and meditation world for over twenty years. We’re curious.. what brought you to these practices to begin with? 

I think it has been over 25 years now! WOW…. I actually began doing yoga as a dare from someone that said it would be too hard for me, and I thought NO WAY… it was harder than I suspected and immediately I was addicted, in a good way. I quickly started to see how yoga made me feel after practice… I wanted to sit in stillness for minutes then minutes turned into an hour and i realized that my life was changing… I was more focused peaceful and far less stressed. It really helped me manage some depression I suffered from periodically.

How have yoga and meditation impacted your life personally?

My life is dramatically different from yoga and meditation… It has taught me how to listen to myself… how to hear the messages of my body and mind and finally my spirit feels heard from spending time on myself with myself. It is one of the ways I have managed mental stresses.

What made you want to partner with Rodney to share this practice with others?

Rodney was a teacher for years… I admired him and we became friends. we talked about doing something together forever… we finally did it and it has been really rewarding… simple and doable… our aim was to introduce yoga to those that thought they couldn’t get a workout in a short amount of time… HAHA they were mistaken. 😀

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