Why is there sin?

Imagine you walk into a classroom and the teacher says, "get your pens out.  There is a very important test and it will count as 100 percent of your grade."  Once everyone is settled, the teacher hands out the test, but the pages are blank.  Confused, you look at the teacher and ask "But where is the test?"  And she says, "That’s it!  You passed just for showing up!  Congradulations!"  Would you feel relieved or would you feel cheated? 

In the teachings of Kabalah, it says that God gave us Eden, but it’s perfection did not allow for our spirits to grow as individuals.  We stagnated.  What is there to do if you have everything?  So, God separated himself from us so that we would have to learn and strive to find him.  This allowed for human creation and our own ingenuity.  This is why we feel separated from our source.  To find God in your life, there are many paths and religious faiths to choose from to find your way again.  What if we were to find God without tests?  Would we feel as fulfilled?  Would we feel worthy?  Remember the test from above.  Some people would be happy that they didn’t have to do anything, but a lot of people would feel let down and that they really hadn’t accomplished anything at all.  This is, as I see it, the reason for sin. 

I have read many Spiritual books, and taken many courses on this journey in my life, and I had to think about God’s intentions for us.  Why is there suffering?  Why do we have murders, starvation, and what some would call sin?  Would we feel worthy to walk through those pearly gates if we felt untested?  Would we feel worthy if there were no test to begin with?  This is not to say that all suffering or sin is for these reasons, but to really think about it, did God really intend for us to wipe sin off the planet?  Then what?  Eden.  That is a wonderful concept, but if you think about it, as human beings when we are not tested, or when we do not have creativity flowing in our lives we become depressed, or bored.  This is not to excuse sin on this planet amongst us, but what if we really did wipe sin off the planet.  How long would Eden really last?  And the bigger question is how would we feel walking to those pearly gates untested.  Would you feel worthy to walk through?  

So then, should we not fight sin at all?  Should we stop trying to right the wrongs we see in the world.  Absolutely not.  These are our tests.  Not just if we avoided temptation, as I have heard it called, but how we avoided the temptation.  Did we leave blessings for our sister or brother to find their way, or did we cause pain and grief?  Studying the course of miracles, and studying the path of Jesus Christ, I know that all situations should be handled with love.  Now love is not a novel concept, and when we speak of standing in a principle of love, do not mistake this for weakness.  Marianne Williamson states that when she went to Ebeniezer church to speak about Martin Luther King jr upon his birthday, that the other speakers spoke of his love ethic.  She says that we place our figures into this characature that we remember rather than what the honest truth was for his time.  Love was not convienent for the status quo then, and it is not convienent for the status quo now.  Standing in love and compassion is truly the strongest standpoint that you can stand, and I do believe what brings us to our higher good.  

Last but not the least, what is sin?  There are so many doctrines on this, and most of us know what is evil and wrong and what isn’t.  Then you have these grey areas.  Don’t let the world fool you.   There are a lot of grey area’s.  Very few people live in a world that is black and white.  We have the 10 commandments of course, and we have other great teachings, but who decides what is sin and what isn’t?  I was blessed to have a great grandmother who had a nonsensical approach to this subject.  She told us growing up that if there is something that you are doing, and you feel shame in the pit of your stomach, then that is a sin.  We all know that feeling.  Some can dismiss it, but most know it is there whether they admit this or not.  She would say, God gave you a conscience for a reason.  This is our barometer for sin.  Along with this we also have our hearts.  I ask myself, is this loving?  Is this bourne of compassion?  Once I weigh that, along with my stomach, I feel I have come to the right answers, at least for me.  Many would say that this would be dependant upon how we are individually reared, and I would say absolutely right.  Then there are other situations that I never knew existed, and was never exposed to growing up and the advice that I had to rely upon was that of what was within me.  I had to trust that God guided me from within.  I am fairly sure I have walked the road with as much love as I could.  I am only human after all, but I do try.    

So should we wipe sin from the planet?  I would say it is a noble thought,, but I would rather be tested.  I want to face God and see his big red A+ on my paper.. but that is just me.. Walk in loving Peace.  



  1. Mary-lynn, I will give you an A+++. You are so correct about the way God created all things in the manner He used to see if those things, meaning us would come back to Him. I just wrote an email to Salle Redfield, wife of James Redfield author of the Celestine Prophecy,2 weeks ago in regarding this same subject. God is the Father and just like any father to his children he would let them work it out to find their life. God knew this would happen to man and He wanted to test him. If you give an 18 year old child a 2009 Mercedes, he will not appreciate it. But if you tell him he has to go to work to learn responsibilities to live, he/she will do it. Some will be disgruntled while others believe it is a lesson. If the child was disgruntle over how he/she was handle during childhood, the real test of love would be to see if they go back to their parents, either father or mother. I know because it happened to me and my father. I did go back to him in the end and apologized and gave him all of my love and support while he was dying on his bed.

    Later on about 8 years later, I was watching Oprah and she had Dr.Wayne Dyer and he was talking about his childhood and how he blamed his father growing up that he was put into a foster home. But he managed successfully in his life and wrote many books on being grateful and the Tao. In his interview with Oprah, he said he wrote another book and did not know who to dedicate it to. He heard a voice say "dedicate it to your father." Right then and there he knew he had to do it and found out his father was his hidden teacher. My wife said to me sounds like your father as well. Right then and there I realized my father was always there for me as a hidden teacher, and I broke down and wept. I am so glad I gave him my love before he past away 10 years ago.

    Getting back to the sins. I view the sins are ignorance of man not connecting to God. Man, in the beginning, seen how beautiful the Universe was and was tempted to leave his other half behind. This is call impatience and if you look around there is alot of that going on. In the process of this separation and ego was found in the form of a mirror with that person seeing themselves in the outside world. This is what I call the Alice in Wonderland syndrome. To narrow it down it is a subject reality trying to live an objective reality with ego. But if you look no one has ever conquered the objective ever and no one will. That is the domain of God/Source and no one else. Getting back to the subjective reality, we never left it and the closer we get to the Spirit inside ourselves the closer we get towards God/Source. Imagine it is so much easier to sit on your back porch than to go your friends house 300 miles away to sit on theirs.

    Now talking about should we fight sin, maybe subjectively start with thyself, but we must make an attempt to spread the wisdom from what we learned about this great Spirit within us and then the domino effect will come. We need all living beings to be enlightened because in Kabbalah I view all of as nutrients for the Tree of Life. Once we attach ourselves to the Root, through the Laws of Attraction, we get pulled downstream by Source/God to travel up the Trunk/Stem and outwards on the Limbs and Branches leading to the peak but never touching the Ein Sof or Infinite, but always growing into it. It is amazing that a Buddhist monk named Padma Sambhava, he wrote the Tibetan Book of the Dead, converted demons to Buddhism and another by the name of Bodhidharma converted thieves into Shaolin Zen monks after witnessing certain things about those individuals. So for the time being, whatever wisdom you have use it and plant seeds. I talk about this wonderful thing of Spirit wherever I go and I do attract a crowd. I believe in reincarnation and now I believe my spirit has found His home for good and talk to everyone about Him. I relinquish the word fight because it sounds to objective but enjoy the word embrace.

    I have a spin on Jesus Christ and it goes like this, First: He knew He had to do what He had to do because it was in His destiny. Second: He did not die on the cross, He came alive on the cross (the cross symbolizes a positive sign behind Him) because He was transforming Himself into anotherHigher Consciuosness. Third: when they laid Him in the tomb, He could not stay lying down (it looks like a negative sign,symbolically speaking). So now He arose. The body does remarkable things when you KNOW THYSELF. Now He sees the cave is shut with a big boulder but He notices on the right side of Him that a little pebble is holding this back. He kicks the pebble out of the way and the boulder goes to the side and opens. Sort of like our problems are so small that we make a big deal out of them. It even says don't sweat the small stuff. Now voila. Christ just saved Himself from being entombed for the rest of His life and His Spirit that was connected to God/Source just made him Enlightened or Born Again.

    Let sin fight itself. If one (physical) must die in ignorance to Spirit, their Spirit will return to learn once again. Maybe this time that Spirit will keep that physical individual on the path to Enlightenment.

    I support your post and be blessed

    Peace and gratitude and above all patience


  2. Hi Mary lynn,

    I think facing God is about cleaning the lense of our perception of accumulated residues whether these residues are accumulated from the so called sins of our ignorance or the victories of our intelligence. We humans need to think in terms of sinner and saint, goodness and bad, but I would rather chalk it all up to our real work that is our 24/7 job, cleaning. If we want to know who we truly are, understand our true Nature we need to be able to see clean clear through everyone and everything, and to do so one needs a very clean lense.

    🙂 rann

  3. Thank you both so much! I love input.. it truly opens my heart and makes me think. Domonic.. I do have some "daddy" issues as well.. I have given my forgiveness, and when I made my peace, I did so a bit trepadaciously as I really wasn't ready to face him in the flesh as of yet.. but I felt a great peace come over me and I knew that my issues in that moment ended. I need not do anything here as there really is no here/there. It was in my prayer that I heard the words "what is done in heaven is also done on earth".. That was a burden I carried without even realizing it.. thank you for all your words. You are right.

    I do think the word sin has been overused through the centuries, and in my own life, to be completely honest, I am trying to follow the advice of a dear friend who told me, don't bless anything as good/bad, but rather,, just bless. i think that being enlightened means that we don't see that paradigm because we know everything happens for a reason. Whether it is to push us to release our own burdens, or face a situation to bring us knowledge and strength.. but I do believe that all things that come into our lives comes to give us lessons so that we may push the envelope of humanity and create! I know if I walk with love in my heart,, then all situations are love.. but if I walk in fear and hate.. well.. you know how that goes..

    Blessings to you both.. I am honoured you came to read my little post here, and grateful for all your input.. I am truly blessed..


  4. Thank you Mary-lynn. It is my service to help as much as I can to spread the word of Spirituallity as God INTENDS me to do so.

    Supported with Love and Peace.

    God Bless You All.


  5. Dear Marylynn,

    Beautiful post. i agree with your views.

    With a warm hug and lots of love,